In times like these I am just tempted to leave.

Dear person who wrote this post on the TV3 Aidilfitri advertisement which was taken back.

I am writing on behalf of all Malaysians, particularly those who hold strongly to their faiths. I am one of them.

Let me put it on record that I am okay with you pointing out things which shouldn't be in the ad. But I am not okay with you belittling people of other faiths. Especially the Christians.

All this while, we, like other Malaysians, have only given, given, given, to the point of no return, and this is what we get in return. Thank you very much, lah. *rolls eyes and facepalms* In times like these I am just tempted to leave my beloved Malaysia.

A white skullcap on the head does not denote papal notions just as much as bleeding in church, going in there in one's nothingness denotes blasphemy. In actual fact, it does not. I've seen people with white skullcaps on the head who go to pray in the mosques and they're a lot more staunch in their faiths than anyone else. Call me a dreamer, but I'm telling you the cold hard facts. The people making this ad obviously did not have any of these influences in mind. They were obviously expecting the light to be the "light of the world', in the midst of the darkness. Whilst there are false lights, we can't be expected to read anything and everything as a false light.

Maybe it is true that they should have rethought the influences they were going to use, but to them, and to most of us, it's nothing but a stereotypical kampung influence. Even after several glances, we wouldn't find anything wrong. Reason being: it is a family-centred ad, with the light of the world as the subject, the lights in the midst of darkness.

Eschew the argument about the Western influences. External influences are hitting Malaysia, and that's what we have to watch out for. By "external" here I mean "the relativist thoughts that have hit the media, which should not be there at all costs". But to brand every single reader as leaving local ideology, religious ideology for something else is taking us for fools, honestly. Most Malaysian Muslims I've met are in KL, the apparent "heart of all illuminati", and they are MUCH stronger than you even think.

The worst part is this : why hasn't a single soul got the nerve, the backbone, to stand up and defend his notions in actually creating the friggin advertisement ? One holler from PAS, apparently, from what I heard in the comments, and there it goes, it is taken down. Whilst I personally salute TV3 for actually respecting the sentiments of a section of the Muslim population, I still believe that a statement should've at least been released concerning the intentions behind the ad.

If there is a piece of material which I should call seditious, I will not call Namewee's song seditious for obvious reasons. Rather, I would call your work seditious, and I, like most Malaysians out there, will expect you to rethink your influences once again.

Thank you.

Signed on behalf of all Malaysian readers.
Don't even try to shut us up.

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Cicadasx at: September 8, 2010 at 4:02 PM said...

Some people just pretty shameful tbh.
And I am a Muslim Malay.

troisnyx* at: September 8, 2010 at 4:19 PM said...

I think the same can be said for any demographic group. There are bad apples. And there are those who want 1Malaysia to prevail.

Well, I truly am glad you and I are of the same view. ^_^

Cicadasx at: September 8, 2010 at 4:42 PM said...

Haha thanks a lot.
You didnt have to actually.
But still, thanks!

troisnyx* at: September 8, 2010 at 4:47 PM said...

Don't mention it. : )

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