A draft for the new Arts and Entertainment Society

I had this idea in mind when coming up for a logo for the Arts and Entertainment Society, back when I was in KL. I had planned not to use the general abbreviation of "AES", but rather, "HEARTS", which, as a backronym, can be read as "Hertfordshire Arts".

The name not only defines us as a society for everything which spells arts, but also as the ideal affiliate whenever we have people wanting to engage in projects with us. I happen to think way ahead of my time, which is a weakness in a way because I often overlook the reality that we're still small, and that we've only just taken off. Regardless. Have I got some really good ideas up my sleeves, and if it weren't for the Lord, I probably wouldn't even have received them !

Text done on Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
Splat, scribbles and lighting effects done on GIMP.


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