What happened before I left Chapman Hall yesterday

A few of my flatmates were planning a surprise birthday party for a friend, and so Henry, Becca and I decided to chip in with the little time and ability that we had. : )

Balloon job. The balloons were practically stuck everywhere - on the walls, on the windows, even on the fridges... :D

Gooooooo Kirby ! *coughcoughyesIdrewthatcough*

What the full "Happy Birthday" sign looked like.

And these are... Becca and Henry. ^_^

This, over here, is the only vid I took of the preparations.

I'm not sure if I spoke about how brave Becca was, as she actually knocked on all of our doors just to get to know each and everyone of us using Kitchen 27. Also, Henry threw a welcome party for my flatmates and me somewhere early last month, when the local students came in. That was the first thing I remember them doing. : ) I see them regularly, and they're a lot of fun to be with. Yesterday again they showed that even with whatever they had, they could still chip in. And it's cool. It really is. 

Coming soon :
Open Mic Night, part 2


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