Freshers' Fair, in videos / First school week in St Albans

This article has been posted in due time : Freshers' Fair fell on Friday the 1st of October at the Forum (that's a lot of Fs) and there were booths with all the societies registered under the University of Hertfordshire Students' Union (UHSU).

Now I'll probably attempt to post the pictures later, due to the faulty picture uploaders, but I have put up the videos on YT, and here they are !

This is when the booths were just set up.

Going up the Forum. The people from Crush FM, UH's radio station, arrived on the scene to promote the station. There was also the Soapbox portal.

My message on the Soapbox booth. :D

Pardon the French - this is when I first entered into the auditorium. To sum up what I said in this video, I said that I'd be taking only pictures unless there's something that piques my interest. And the auditorium is actually well lit... ^_^

I stopped by the Swing Dance Society to say hi to my friends whom I met on Games Night, before looking for the booths I wanted to be at.

And I finally found it, the UH Catholic Society booth ! :D I sound like a broadcaster. I'm making this the Vid of the Day simply because Father Mark Vickers dropped on me the question of the day : why do you have a French e-mail address ? (Hint : my e-mail ends with .fr)


This is what happened when I left the auditorium. The Forum was crowded with freshers that I could hardly go in, and I could hardly even go out ! -___- I decided to make one final stop at the Soapbox booth before leaving.

This is what transpired during my final stop at the Soapbox booth. I decided to make it one final one for the camera, and in the middle of it all, I accidentally hit my upper lip with my camera and it began to bleed...... Ah, the pains of being an amateur broadcaster/blogger.

Well, good Freshers' Fair all in all, but it really got crowded towards the end. The thing began at 11 and ended at 3 ; I left near 2 (I think). And I spent the rest of the day in Chapman Hall uploading those videos (honestly, I can't compromise on the quality, and they take days to upload !).


On a side note, lectures have begun. Today I had two lectures : Land Law and Tort Law. I expected Land Law to be drab but the lecturer actually made it quite interesting. However, for Tort, I almost wanted to slezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........ I stayed alert nonetheless.

I'm not sure why. Could it be because I had already done Tort in A-Levels ? Still, in 2nd year they'd probably add in a lot of stuff. I actually lug my laptop to St Albans and back simply because I put in everything - from StudyNet material to notes to reminders.

So what should I do now ? No idea. I shall see what develops.



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