#kingdomherts dictionary entry 2


@mosphere (/ˈæt.məsˌfɛə(ɹ)/)

A party in the Forum taking place every Monday, with a different theme each week. Chrisessence is the resident DJ for the @mosphere gatherings.

The recent @mosphere gathering I went to was Rep Your Halls. In a bid to represent Chapman Hall and take home some 500 quid, I went.

But after a while I got bored of the monotony. My body couldn't take it when I attempted to stay up after 1. I was about to crash at anytime. Also, I found it pointless because there were a few representatives from Watton Hall, but the true battle was between Welwyn Hall and Telford Court. At the end of it all, I believe Welwyn Hall took home the 500 quid. They were the most in number, and they had already drawn on their T-shirts for solidarity. I, on the other hand, was the only soul from Chapman Hall to have ever come to Rep Your Halls. Dressing up like Reyvateil Stella didn't help, obviously.

Never again am I going to an @mosphere gathering.

My next trip to the Forum will be the day before Halloween, where the Catholic Society is going on a Saints and Sinners theme. >:-) And we're cosplaying. I wonder what I should do.


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