Down the Tyburn trail, in visuals

This is a continuation of my previous post, Down the Tyburn trail.

As I had stated some time back, I'd be uploading pix and vids of the trip. Now, not all of them actually got through to YT because of coding issues. Regardless, at least most of the major place visits actually got through.

The exterior of Westminster Abbey.

And this is the related vid (the picture was snapped automatically when this video was taken).

I don't know why this camera shot Fr Mark Vickers in such a position (yeah, I know XD), but this is when we visited the inner section of Westminster Abbey.

This is the related vid.

Down the cloisters where the Benedictine monks once carried out their work.

This is the vid related to the picture.

Within the cloisters, at the east section, was a place called the Chapter House. Now, I had actually taken a vid of this but it just won't upload... so I'll only have to make do with the picture for now. You see, it'd be so much better if I have the vid with me - because sections of the walls in this place depict the vision of John in Revelations. The wall straight ahead of us had the Final Judgement painted on it !

If I'm not mistaken, this is St Margaret's. Not even sure if it's Margaret or Marguerite... One thing's for sure, it's the little church to the left. That's where MPs celebrate Mass. And MP here does not mean Mana, it means Members of Parliament.

The area in front of the London Eye used to be a prison where people tried and convicted for apparent treason, felons and criminals of all kinds - even those in quotation marks - were detained and tortured before the long journey to Tyburn.

Westminster Hall, from where we were standing. (Captured in the picture are Damian and Gonçalo.)

Since we were in Westminster and the House of Parliament wasn't very far away, I captured... Big Ben. *facepalms* Yes, I know. People at home are looking to see it, but over here no one would probably bother. :P

And in this vid which I captured in front of Westminster Hall, Fr Mark Vickers gives an account (which he found in writing) of what had been said during the corrupt trials in Westminster Hall.

Outside the Knights Templar.

And in this vid, Fr Mark describes what had happened in the Knights Templar.

The exterior of St Paul's Cathedral - once Catholic, but annexed by the Anglicans during the Reformation era. I don't know why, but I love this pic... the angles, the sky behind it... : )

And finally, the long walk to Tyburn.

That aside, I've constantly been thinking about the journey from Westminster to Tyburn, and I knew that bridges needed to be built, the Church needs to come to full communion once more.

I spoke to a friend, who was raised as a Protestant but despised factionalism... and desired orthodoxy, and I told him about my journey to Tyburn. I told him that I only had one idea for a song, but the only thing that appeared in my head was au sommet de la haine et de l'amour - at the summit of hatred and love.

And this is what he wrote :

Upon the hill were gather’d Hate and Love
One with his head raised high, the other knelt
To whisper words unheard but warmly felt—
One carried axes, the other a dove.

An haughty voice read words writ from above
And claimed his will was where all goodness dwelt

The other whispered words yet warmly felt—
One carried axes, the other a dove.

All o’er the land was heard an iron note
That fell with the stroke of the noontide hour
And chill’d all hearts with its bombasting pow’r.

The air grew still in each spectator’s throat
When with a fading chime so much was lost
For greater still shall be the final cost.

We ended the day with Mass in remembrance of the people who were martyred at Tyburn.
This, in the words of my dear friend, is a scar on Lady Brittania which has yet to heal.


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