Kirby : ramblings and works

It's Kirby !

Now how long has it been since I've played games and heard stories about that chubby little pink ball from the stars ? And apparently, drawing him is easy too : first you draw a circle, two buttons for the eyes, then you draw his smiling mouth, and his limbs and there you have it ! To put it rather blankly, Kirby's a little pink ball with an insatiable appetite. Yes, he literally swallows everything, and if something tickles his fancy, he chomps it down. Otherwise, he shoots out a star from his mouth. And that alone is enough to do damage to others.

The one game I remember playing, which was my favourite before Kingdom Hearts came into the picture, was Kirby's Adventure. Yes, I had the NES before I had the SNES, but Kirby's Adventure was just lovely. It defined my primary school years. That was the game I spent playing at home and in hotel rooms whenever I had spare time, that was the game that I often pictured in my head... well, I did the same for Kingdom Hearts (the first game) later.

The Kirby franchise has now spread its wings to the DS with titles like Canvas Curse, Mouse Attack (known in the US as Squeak Squad) and, more recently, Kirby's Epic Yarn, but these are titles I haven't even touched.

Now why am I rambling about Kirby, you ask ? Well, let's just say it brings back happy memories. : ) I recently experimented with Mario Paint Composer and reworking two songs from Kirby's Adventure did indeed bring back happy memories !

First, let's start with a recurring theme :

This theme, called Green Greens, has appeared since the very first game in the franchise, Kirby's Dreamland, but I only heard it towards the end of Kirby's Adventure - in the credits. It was when I was in the midst of remembering this that I pictured Kirby returning home triumphantly, home to the first level. Hence I made it much, much slower than the original...

And as for the second one :

The title of this one is Good Dreams Once Again, and as it might hint, it's played once you've reached the ultimate objective of Kirby's Adventure : defeat the final boss, the Nightmare. This was the first thing I worked on ever since I got a new soundfont for Mario Paint. For those of you who believe I'm speaking in gibberish, a soundfont is, to put it simply, a set of sounds. The previous soundfont which I used in Mario Paint was reminiscent of retro gaming consoles ; this one sounds like real MIDI input - proper instrumentation. (Listen to the original.)


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