Soapbox and more announcements

Now, I remember I had spoken about the Soapbox project in one of my videos, but before I embed it, I must tell you all about this Soapbox project.

The purpose of Soapbox is to search for six featured bloggers, who will write and post vids and whatnot about their real experience in the university. And they get a whole lot of incentives from the University of Hertfordshire Student Union (UHSU).

Now before I was aware of Soapbox I had already started blogging about how university life was gonna be, and when I saw that this was going on, I practically jumped at the idea. : ) So right now, OH TEH NOES !, a four-year-old blog, is one of the many candidates going through a stringent selection process by the UHSU (I can only imagine it ; I'm not sure how it is). I'm yet to find out about Soapbox's terms and conditions, though I reckon that they'd be similar to the university's rules, regulations and code of conduct.

I had filled in a red form which came with our student package somewhere during the first week and I handed it over to the UHSU offices at the EleHouse... but to be safe, I reapplied during Freshers' Fair two days ago with an online form. No, seriously, if you'd like to apply too, then click on that link ! ^_^

And if you're applying for Soapbox, have fun - and hope to see you in the fight (simply speaking...) !

Regardless of whether or not OH TEH NOES ! makes it, I'll still be telling you about my university life. There are so many things I wanna share... So many places I wanna see, so many things I wanna do during my time as a student. And ultimately, succeed.


On a side note, the first meeting for the Catholic Society students begins today after mass - well, I've actually been looking forward to today. : ) For lots of reasons. I look forward to Sunday masses. I always do. It's not a question of "must or must not" anymore. It's that I want to do it. I want to be close to Him, receive Him.

And also, lectures for LLB officially commence tomorrow. Now with all the things that I've been handling, I must get down to work and start organising my things right. No one actually tells me to do stuff now. I just do it. I'll also need to get the booklist and find out about seminars... Seminars actually begin next week, not tomorrow, so I have some free time. But this means I'll have to charge this laptop up and charge it well, and bring it into the lecture hall/seminar room with me so that I can type whatever is being said.


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