Whenever someone tells me that I have a great degree of intelligence, something that he is looking for in people, I cannot help but stop to think about what a wonder God has made of me.

Today in the bus from St Albans to deHavilland (because there was no bus going to the Forum) I was speaking to a new friend (and a Malaysian, at that), and I was speaking on points which no one dared to attack. No one would dare in the EU. No one would dare in Moral Studies class back home. But it involved rights, professions and attacking things from a realistic point of view.

This kindly woman who was sitting just in front of us had listened to the things I spoke of, and she turned to me and told me to write. I saw that she wanted to see someone write about the oppression of women in the world, taking into consideration, and taking out, religion and politics.

Now, regardless of what I write, I must pray about it first. A talent at work is never complete without his muse. Moreso without the one who created him.

As I offer my being to the Father, I find the need to tell a bit more about myself, the way I speak, the way I write, the things I hold fast to.


The thing about me is that I cannot structure a detailed argument. My thoughts are all over the place. It doesn't bode well for a law student because in court, the counsel are expected to come up with arguments, points of law and questions within seconds. I am not that type of person, even though I am able to speak eloquently. This having been said, if I ever need to address something, I'd address something which appeals to hearts, and not to minds. I find it rather choking, sometimes, to be made to think for long hours and come up with a solution.

Regardless, I've discovered that I've shown profound interest, passion and prowess in the things I do. Now this is not something which people are normally capable of. And this is when I really praise the Lord for all that I am.

Whilst everyone argues about the subject of rights and personal autonomy, I only have this to say : my rights can only exist when yours are respected, and vice versa. If each man is going to be for his own and is only going to think of himself when pressing for his rights, then let him be deprived of them.

This is not a topic which people in the EU would ever dare raise but I would : too many people are speaking for themselves, for pleasure, for freedom to do stuff which is naturally abnormal. Freedom should give people the sense of loving, the sense of willingness to give themselves back, to give themselves entirely in love. Whilst I'm aware that no one is going to hold to the beliefs I hold on to, except for a select few, I cannot just sit here and write, ramble about what I hold on to all day long. Whatever I do, I do it in love. Whatever I do is my choice, and my choice enables me to love, it enables me to serve others. My choice is not one of pleasure. Whilst I'm alive, I might as well travel first class.

I am of the view that men and women are from two different "schools of action", if I were to put it that way. Men are assertive and loud ; women are soft and nurturing. Yet, these differences do not make men superior to women, nor do they make women superior to men. Both schools of action exist to complement each other, for without assertion, there would not be fear ; without nurturing, there would not be love as we know it. And the human spirit has both these elements. Because they are of equal importance, it's only fair and just that they should exist side by side. And I haven't gone on to the part in Genesis where woman was created out of the rib of man as a companion for him ! I'm going to touch and go about this ; I'll probably write about it another time - companions are meant to be equals ; for without this equal status it would not be a relationship between friends - it would be more of a relationship between master and slave.

And this having been said, the world has been dragged down to slavery several times. We are living in those days. But every time the world has been dragged down to slavery, the truth comes to light and is kept in the hearts and minds of people, at least for a time. My job here is to make it last for as long as possible.


Now that you know a little bit more about what I hold on to, what I believe and what I speak of from time to time, you may have a vague idea as to what I might write about.

But before I even think of what to write about, perhaps in a weekly series of entries on OH TEH NOES !, I need to pray hard about this, offer this up to Him, and think about the consequences of each. I am not here for political correctness. I am here to speak the truth as you and I know it.


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