Open Mic Night, in videos

The first Open Mic Night, in conjunction with Freshers' Fortnight, took place on Friday the 8th at the University of Hertfordshire's EleHouse.

The EleHouse has two tiers : the first tier has the student bar, whilst the second tier has all the UH Student Union offices. Well, almost all. ^_^'

Now, for those of you who aren't sure of what an Open Mic session is, the mic is literally open to everyone to use. They can sing, speak, crack a few jokes... whatever tickles their fancy. Most people use it to sing. I would ! So Friday being the first Open Mic, I decided to see if I could give it a shot.

The first performance I recorded in the EleHouse that night.

I did two items - There You'll Be by Faith Hill and My Immortal by Evanescence. So I'll slip the videos in. : ) Now let me put it on record that I was so nervous that night, this being my first ever performance in the university, and I was conscious that I made pitching errors. But they all liked it nonetheless. And I'm glad !

Starting with There You'll Be :

And then, My Immortal :

That night, after my performance, the organisers asked for my contacts. :D

I believe I shall speak about the trouble I went through just to get to the EleHouse. The thing began at 9 p.m. and ended at 1 a.m. Now, I was hoping to make it there by 9, but because a friend took all the time that she had in the world to dress, and because we took about an hour to give my face a makeover, we arrived there at 10+. And when we did, I had put my name in and much to my shock, I was given the 11:45 slot ! The wait was excruciating for me and for all my friends who were present. We all wanted to snuggle up in bed ! But they were so kind to wait for me to finish. : )

Merci, mes amis.

Well, if I get the chance to do more... why not ?


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