Les jours commencent et les nuits terminent

It's been a week since lectures started. Tutorials officially commence today. I, for one, don't know if I can ever do enough. I'm not the kind to get my resources on the online portal, StudyNet, before lectures commence.

The previous week was exciting, but it made me think about lots of things, and it made me sad at the same time.

I've been crying a lot. I had suffered missed opportunities. Deaths in the family. The passing of someone really, really dear to me. I've had my family shove beans up my nose (figuratively, of course) with snide, acidic remarks. I've already begun to buckle under the weight of my past hurts.

I am here now, in Brittania's arms. I will have to make a decision on whether I should look back, or whether I should continue growing with her and never look back anymore.

Coming soon :
Open Mic Night, in videos
Open Mic Night, in pictures
Saturday, in videos
Saturday, in pictures


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