Just an hour ago we had a lecture on EU law.

Some things to note :

  • The lecturer is of French descent. Direct French descent. Hence she has a slight accent when she speaks, but she's still fun to listen to nevertheless.
  • We went through the introductory content and after that, there was a quiz to test us on what we knew about the EU.
  • A few friends at the front row and I teamed up and we got the highest marks ! EVAH !
Now, I don't want to boast, because the Lord has indeed endowed me with intelligence, and the same applies for all of us. It just happened that the four of us seemed to know the EU at the back of our palms. We did get recompense for it ; it'll be shared among the four of us during the next lecture...


*end EU law celebration*

Now, the other thing I want to note is this prowess thing. I do realise that I have the intellect for LLB, and for anything I'm interested in. And I am also aware that sometimes I'll have bad days, days where I really can't think, days where I have ideas but I don't know how to present them right.

I do not want to dwell in this forever because I know I have to move on. I humbly pray the Lord that I may receive the strength to be undeterred even by these bad days, by anything, for that matter.

I have been called to a mission in the University of Hertfordshire, or #kingdomherts as I call it, and I must put it to great effect. Yes, this I must do.


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