What exactly is going on ?

After stocking up on goods and settling some issues and helping a lost newcomer and paying a visit to the recording room, I paid a visit to the University of Hertfordshire Students' Union (UHSU) offices on the first floor of the EleHouse (think ground floor, first floor and not first floor, second floor). I wanted to find out about one society whose booth was not put up for Freshers' Fair last Friday.

It was the Arts and Entertainment Society (AES).
Yes, the one which I wanted to rename HEARTS (Hertfordshire Arts).

Not knowing what to do, I asked the reception ; I was soon directed to UHSU Societies. And there, I heard something I was not expecting to hear : that society has yet to find someone to take over.

It saddens me because I had set my sights on AES from the very beginning. If I had wanted to act, I'd have joined the Drama Society. But I'm not a fan of stage acting. I'm more of a fan of voice acting, and I do that from time to time. There's a voice acting project going on between me and a few friends, but that is to be done at our own time, considering all of us have our obligations.

I set my sights on AES because I love singing. I love staging performances, and not necessarily performances that involve acting. I had planned a music video with the Creepie theme song (the French version, not the other versions) and it'd have been much easier had AES been around. Now not even UHSU knows whether the society is still there. I don't blame anyone. I'm just... sad.

In the event AES really ceases to exist, where do I go from here ? What do I even join as a second society ? How do I find people to get this music video project to take off ? Where do I, where do people like me, get to sing from their hearts ? How would each of us know that the other existed ?

As it is, I'm looking for people who'd be interested in my LLB class ; I've found one or two people. I need fourteen to start a society, and I'm definitely not in the position to manage it. All I can do is contribute substantially to the project. Unless we get people to manage it every day of the week. *sigh*

I somehow hope... I somehow hope I can do something. Things seem rather bleak right now but I know the journey ahead of me is still long.


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