CathSoc's carolling session... on the streets of Hatfield !

It has been several years since I last went carolling with friends on the streets, raising money for charity or doing it just for fun in our little community. As I write this post, my thoughts go to my friends whom I left behind in USJ, Selangor, Malaysia, with whom I used to sing, play and have great fun.

It was Sunday the 12th of December 2010. There it finally was : the opportunity to go carolling. I jumped at the opportunity. After mass at St Peter's, we practised once through in the hall and took to the streets of Hatfield - Bishops Rise, Woods Avenue, Lark Avenue and I forget which other roads... Our goal was to raise money for The Passage, a charity for the homeless. As it was, we already had several gifts to give away to the homeless, and over the days that led to the weekend, we had assembled and wrapped them (sorry, I have no photos of that).

So here's our little journey through Hatfield :

Run through in the hall

Taking off

On the streets

And after the carolling was over, we came back to the hall of St Peter's for food, mulled wine and mince pies !

Thanks to Stacey and Emily for providing some of the pictures ! ^_^


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