I know what you did in ASDA today, Troisnyx...

No, this is not a title for a horror film, but rather, what I saw before and during my shopping trip.

But first, I must tell you about the new addition my flatmates brought into the kitchen (even I ended up using it) :

Fridge magnets ! ^_^

The other friends in my flat had their fridges done up before mine was, so with the remaining magnets I tried to see what I could make. There was no TNE for "TroisNyxEtienne", so I ended up with 3NE. "3" is read "trois" (read : trwa) in French.

So after a light breakfast I went to ASDA to get the groceries, and just after I had put a few things into the shopping basket, I stopped by the media section. I was looking among the PS3, Wii, DS and PSP columns to see if there was anything familiar, and guess what I found :

Patapon 2 ! Going for almost £11 ! (THAT IS A STEAL !) In case you haven't the faintest idea of what Patapon is, it's a rhythm/strategy game where the beat of your drums influences what an entire tribe of warriors does. You can get them to advance, attack, increase their attack/defence, or if all else fails, retreat.

Oh, and what made me even more excited was......

It was going for around £22 when I checked the price at ASDA, and I was tempted to get my hands on it. But then reality struck : I needed a PSP, and I needed to check the price. A brand new DS in HMV cost around £48 towards Christmas - I imagine the VAT increase would've caused its price to go up as well. Before I even think of getting Birth by Sleep, or even Patapon, I need a PSP.

But holding Birth by Sleep in my hand for those few moments really made me excited. I felt the same when I found that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was still on sale in HMV.

In three days, Kingdom Hearts re:coded is going to reach European shores. Today, re:coded is released in North America and Canada. I wouldn't be able to imagine what would happen when that game comes out. I imagine I'd get a DS, Days and re:coded just to celebrate the occasion. Maybe.


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