Se zo ar Ceilidh !

I decided to put this in a separate post because the post on the Faith Conference in Stonyhurst is loaded with pictures and videos, and I wouldn't do justice to the Ceilidh if I were to incorporate the two videos into the post. Pardon the Breton title, and I know it isn't the right language to use for a Ceilidh description - but it means "This is the Ceilidh".

As I mentioned in that post, a Ceilidh (read kay-lee, and NOT say-lidh) is an Irish/Scot dance gathering (read : with a lot of twirling, spinning and body aches). It's lovely to watch, and it's nice to dance in it - but brace yourself for aching joints, if you ever do participate in one. Whenever there are gatherings of Scots or Irish people, or if there is a day honouring someone from Scotland or Ireland (or so I see it), there's bound to be a Ceilidh.

When I was in Stonyhurst, on the second night of our conference, I participated in the Ceilidh, and after several rounds of dancing, I was exhausted, I needed a drink and my legs were aching. I decided to take pictures and record a bit of footage - and here's the footage !

This is an introductory video for a dance in the Ceilidh, and possibly the highlight of the entire thing - it's called Strip The Willow. I was too tired to even dance by then, so I went to the stage and started recording. : ) In the vid are Sophie, Stacey, Tilly, Catherine, Maryfrances, Sarah, Charlotte and Stephen. Maryfrances and Charlotte are Scots. : )

And this is the real deal - Strip The Willow. As if it was not enough that the actual dance took some 4+ minutes, they did a repeat ! My entire video went up to 9 minutes and 30 seconds !

There'll be another Ceilidh on Burns Night - it's a day where Scottish poet Robert "Rabbie" Burns is honoured, and I'll be sure to write on it too !

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