A new wallpaper is done : )

One of Didier Deschamps this time :

This is gonna be one of his last designs (chronologically) - this is what I intend him to look like by the end of the main series. I imagine the last episode in the series is Les Histoires Duchemin 7. The tattoo on his face is supposed to be the insignia of a warrior : I got inspired by Zell from Final Fantasy VIII, as well as the cultures of several ethnic groups in the Malaysian state of Sarawak which practice tattooing.

The fictional location of Point-Neuf, the place where Histoires begins (also, Deschamps' province of birth), is an amalgamation of many cultures, but predominantly Sarawakian and Breton. Imagine black, white and gold solidarity, tattooing, people who were once masters in head-hunting (read : about a millenium ago), national identity crises, community dance gatherings...... and anything Breton and Sarawakian which can logically be fused together.

Now, about Deschamps. In the first episode, Le Carnet du Service National (English : The National Service Journal), there are four companies in the conscription training camps : Alpha (red), Bravo (blue), Charlie (yellow) and Delta (green). Under the initial system, I placed Didier in Delta. Now it's Alpha (royal blue), Bravo (crimson), Charlie (chartreuse) and Delta (yellow), which makes Deschamps fall under Charlie - I did not want to change the colour associated with him.

I'll do main characters Aimée Duchemin, Erroll de Wardes and Sylvain Dieudonné soon... provided I can stuff them within the same picture size.

This is my first work where everything (yes, everything) was done on a touchpad, and although this work looks like nothing but a draft, I'm quite pleased with the touchpad thing. : )

Drawn on Paint
Colouring and effects done on GIMP
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