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At least the first half of the week was marred by bad internet connection, as well as an incident outside the DeHavilland LRC. So I’m now stuck in the College Lane LRC trying to tap the internet connection, because Ethernet wouldn’t work in my side of Chapman Hall!

(And on a side note, you’ve noticed something different about my posting — I’ve stopped adding the French space between words and exclamation or question marks.)


A treat fit for Kirby — a packet of Milky Way Magic Stars ! Kirby would inhale the whole thing and gobble it up!


The following pictures were taken yesterday in the Forum before and after the lunch meeting with the crew at UHSU Catholic Society:


The St Albans Arts Development Team came over to the Forum Hertfordshire. The reason why I was so infatuated with their banner?

That’s because “Saash” in Hymmnos means “Lord/God”!


Campaigning was going on for the UHSU Student Elections. Thom Palser, head of Soapbox for the five months that passed, was also campaigning that afternoon, but I decided not to overdo the pictures.


Taken in the Elehouse, at the exit near the Forum Restaurant. It seems that more people have been putting posters up.


Whilst waiting for the church crew, I was listening to my instrumental version of Anywhere Is. At that time I had not begun voice recording, and I didn’t want to take a screenshot, so I went on with the camera instead.


In the picture are Stéphanie, Phil, Marta, (I’m not sure what her name is) and Father Mark Vickers. I’m not sure if the person obscured by Father Mark is Stacey… But this was after our lunch meet — we had a discussion session in the Style Bar, and it was here that we addressed any questions people needed to raise.


And as for today ?


This is the ground floor of the College Lane LRC.

Reason why I’m here is because internet is giving me pains. The connection took quite a while to establish… >_>


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