Filler material for #kingdomherts — works, works and more works

The original song, which can be found under Video Responses to this vid, was created by a fellow Mario Paint Composer user, Herty140. When he heard me singing Erutan’s “Birds of a Feather”, he asked if I could sing one of his songs. At the time I spoke to him about this he had three lyrical compositions, and I decided to pick Brand New Day.


And this is the song I let Herty140 listen to — “Birds of a Feather” by Erutan. When I sequenced the music for this, I thought of the heightened drama and happiness when the bride and groom kiss at the alter after the nuptial blessing.


This work, “The Fitting Room”, started off as a character theme and then evolved into a shop theme. It’s the most liked work in Project Olivia to date.


I wrote this song, « J’apprends » (“I learn”) in 2004, but at a time when Floppy drives were dying out, USB drives were introduced and Windows XP came into the scene, this was one of the few works I recorded on my teacher’s digital piano which ever made it into my computer. And this year, I decided to remake it. I doubt I’d be releasing the original MIDI version until and unless I copyright the songs, or unless YT protects these works enough.


This is a paraphrase on a Hymmnos song, EXEC_EP=NOVA/. (I can’t put links in video legends ; please look it up). I wanted to try something which would make my voice as Enyafied as possible, and there were only a few sections in EP=NOVA/. which I liked. I took the middle section and reworked it.


Finally ! The opening song to The National Service Journal (Le Carnet du Service National) is FINISHED ! I had written this song in 2009, but I only recently reworked the lyrics and sequenced the music. I wanted to stay true to my original idea that this song would be called « Sur la terre des hommes libres » (“In the land of the free”), that it would sound like this, and that the chorus parts would not have lyrics.

So there you go. Filler material for a period where productivity may be slow. This post is especially for those of you who haven’t been following the chronological order of works on my YT page.

Also, today, one of the Commercial Law lecturers, another lecturer and four coursemates listened to Sur la terre des hommes libres and loved it. At that moment I felt like my inside was poured out for them to see. I didn’t know what to feel… Embarrassed ? Scared ? I definitely did feel vulnerable.

But they loved Troisnyx ! The Lord be praised ! ^_^ What started off as a casual discussion with part of the crew at St Albans turned out to be a bout of self-promotion. Well, here we go.


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