The ark is set afloat.

Saturday was UHSU Catholic Society's Noah's Ark Party, and our second club night for the year : the first was the Propaganda Halloween Party / Saints and Sinners' Night.

Uche and Karen. Karen was supposed to dress as a ladybug but since all the items of clothing were sold separately, she came in a normal dress... and we later called her Noah's wife. :P

Zun zun dan daka zun zun nyan nyan...

...zun zun dan daka zun zun nyan nyan...

...zun zun nyamo zun zun nyamo... (Okay, that's enough Ar Tonelico madness — I did tell people that my look was inspired by all those Japanese cat songs I've been listening to !)

And here we have Ryan... as Noah, and Karen, as his wife !

Tony and Sarah are just... endearing ! And they would be cosplayers if I were to drag them for an anime convention of some sort ! ^_^

That night was Karaoke Night, and I sang The Bangles - Eternal Flame. But I didn't take any pictures or videos of myself. I did take a picture of a performance before mine, and almost everyone was really creating discord... X_X


Don't assume. The two are STRAIGHT.

You gotta love Peter's courage in wearing that suit. He'd either be admired or laughed at by people, and he really did take a risk.

The happy family of animals in Noah's Ark. Problem is that the only pair here are the mice. O.o

Birds of a feather — no wait, predators of a....

For some reason I feel that this was one of the best shots of the night — it was so clear, so vivid, and yet dynamic.

Epic Minnie.

Ya gotta love a guy with a crocodile suit. ^_^

After a few drinks (well, not on my part ; some wanted one or two more), we left the EleHouse and got into the Forum to celebrate.

In the Forum ! The chandelier-which-isn't-a-chandelier is all illuminated for the occasion.
And for those of you who still have no idea what Propaganda is, it's a night of indie.
One of the songs actually had an animé-themed AMV ! ^_^

That's my hand, by the way. :P

A view of the bar near the entrance from where we were.
I love how our smiles are almost similar to each other. The girl next to me is Marta, an exchange student for Term II.

Seems like the enthusiastic bunch from CathSoc did attract the attention of a few other people. ^_-


And... sourced from the official Propaganda website :

I believe these two pictures were taken after I came back home. I was with everyone whilst I was in the Forum, but I went back at 1-something. I might be wrong, though. ^_^

And when we go to the Forum, we make sure we have fun.

On a more serious note, this is also a reminder of the Great Flood — the extermination of nearly all of humankind and everything on the earth. What we notice here is that each type of animal was taken into the ark in pairs, and then Noah, his wife and his offspring went in, and the earth was purged. But never again would the Lord send something like the Great Flood — once He's covenanted it, you can be sure to count on it. Take it from a law student. ^_-


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