Un nouveau livre dans l’inventaire ! ^_^

I remember early in the academic year we were told that at some point, free textbooks would be given away. I just did not know when. It was for regular attendance for seminars, but oh well. In today’s Commercial Law lecture, two free textbooks (of the same kind) were being given away.

And one of them landed in my hands… 


They say this book is quite good, perhaps one of the best textbooks for Commercial Law around. Well, here’s how it all went :

The lecturer was my seminar tutor, and she said that the books would be given out to those who answer questions correctly. Much of it was based on Contract from Year 1, so I tried my level best to remember… The topics handled here were Misrepresentation and Mistake. Those are the two favourite topics for many law students — Malaysians in particular.

Soon after the announcement on the textbook giveaway was made, the first book went to someone. I was scared. I wanted to get a textbook for free ! It’d ease my burden… I imagine it’d ease everyone’s burden (unless he's already got a textbook of this kind).

The question given to me was the difference between “mistake as to identity” and “mistake as to attributes”. This was the one thing my Year 1 Contract lecturer Ms Meera harped on back when we were doing Mistake.

And yay, another textbook in my possession ! Rire Coeur rouge

The Lord be praised ! ^_^


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