And yesterday was more hopeful.


Yesterday was marked by happiness and hope. For starters, I had intended to join the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. In the evening, there was Mass, the UHSU Catholic Society’s Annual General Meeting (where the minutes from the previous year were reviewed, and where the new staff were elected), and after that I stopped at Marta’s and Stéphanie’s flat in De Havilland Campus for a snack.

Tony reviewed the minutes, Peter (as president for 2010/2011) gave his commentary, Father Mark gave his commentary and we went on to the voting stage.

Voting stage. This one was taken just split seconds before Marta turned to the front. Priceless! ^_^

So the new staff for the chaplaincy are Michael McFadden (president), Peter again (this time as social secretary), Mark Tanner (treasurer) and yours truly (secretary).

After the AGM was over… I went with Marta to De Havilland.

This is the new law school building, still under construction. It does look impressive, although I haven’t taken a look at it in daylight… One thing I do know is that there are absolutely no lecture halls in this place. Only courtrooms and seminar rooms, the LRC and whatnot. Dear me, what of our St Albans atmosphere…


Joining the three of us were Mike…

…Mook, Pim, Jerry and Maria (who is in the background),


and another friend whose name I have forgotten…

Oo snacks! *restrains self from inhaling everything* Tire la langue

Preparing the camera…

One new happy family! The same picture was taken on Marta’s camera on 10-second self-timer.

That’s my Flip camera in Marta’s hand!

Nearly all the photos of the evening are courtesy of Mike.

And today, in the midst of my being sad, I uploaded the videos of me doing the front portion of the shirt. Starting here:

This one is a very short vid compared to Part 2, and only features me doing “hÉireann” and the gold stars and dots. I stopped because I needed to get some colour out of my tubes — it was either difficult to come out, or my colours had run out. I do know that I’m out of green glitter…. -__-

And here is Part 2, with a dose of music from yours truly! I did the rest of the front portion so that it’d read “Inniu Tá mé ag na hÉireann” (Irish for “Today I am Irish”). Since I didn’t have green (I had used it all up for the back of the shirt), I resolved to orange/gold, and I used quite a bit of poet’s logic for this one again!

The backing track for Part 2 is one of my previous works, “Céilidh”, dating back to 25 January 2011 (Burns’ Night).

And, on a coathanger, this is what the finished shirt looks like:

I needed to hang it because I reckon I’d use it for either Thursday or Friday (for the Céilidh). And speaking of Friday, Via Crucis is gonna go on as usual — now what do we do?!

This is for those of you who watched the YT videos first but did not believe that the shirt was from Marks & Spencer. I imagine maybe only a few people might fall into that category. I don’t know.

Yeah, so these are the many things which made me smile on Sunday. And then the (figurative) rain came on Monday…


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