Quiz night in Redbourn


I joined Tony and his friend Jack for a dinner and quiz night in Redbourn. The quiz was organised by Lacrosse Scotland. I hoped Sarah would come too, but she had a placement in Stevenage, I think. Dinner and drinks were £15 per head, which was costly, but once in a while…. I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad.

There were ten of us at the table, and we formed a team and called ourselves “Making Up the Numbers”.

This was part of the quiz. The sheet you see in front of you is ABC-123, which was one of the table quiz rounds. There were three — ABC-123, Great Scotsmen and something else… I forget.

And as for the other rounds, they were announced by the host, and we had to answer them within a short time frame. ABC-123 was the only round of the quiz where our team scored full marks!

Tony and a number of other had bought raffle tickets, and our table scored the most wins! I don’t know what one of my other teammates got, but Tony won this prize… which this guy’s playing with. Addict-a-Ball. A maze game. Boys will still be boys. ^_-

This was won with Tony’s raffle tickets too, but he let me keep it. OH YAY! ^_^ And it’s a really nice jumper — I wore it yesterday!

In hiding.

Some say that it’s a Scots tradition that the loser gets wooden spoons… Yes, as you can guess, Making Up the Numbers scored last place overall!

The winners helping themselves to the gift box. I didn’t get the name of their team, but oh well, it doesn’t matter.

The game was passed on to someone else… It’s all in the name. Addict-a-Ball. Highly addictive.

Yay, finally, a familiar face. ^_^

Posing with…… the FORFEIT!

Why did I take a picture of a 2p coin, you ask? Well, my teammates considered it “lucky” (I couldn’t care less…) after we flipped a coin for an answer to a question, of which we were not sure. We were asked to find out where in Scotland a certain film was screened. Two answers popped up in our heads: Glasgow and Edinburgh. So we decided that heads would be Glasgow, tails Edinburgh. I flipped my 2p coin and got Edinburgh… and it turned out to be the right answer, coincidentally!

Though to be honest, that didn’t help us much. We did not know quite a number of answers. Tony was by far the only true blue Scotsman seated at our table… Tire la langue


The Lord be praised for a pretty swell night. It was also my first trip to Redbourn, and I’m quite chuffed. ^_^

Thanks to Tony and Jack for taking me out!


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