Repas avant Carême, partie I


This evening I joined the crew at the chaplaincy for our pre-Lenten meal at China East Restaurant, near the Galleria at Hatfield. I was greeted by Peter, who took me with him to the restaurant — the rest were waiting. There were six of us — Peter, Ev, Stacey, Tony, Sarah and me.

I praise, bless and thank the Lord for a wonderful evening and for wonderful friends. Seigneur Jésus, merci à toi ! ^_^

China East serves Japanese, Chinese and (MALAYSIANS PLEASE READ) Malaysian food, to an extent.

And now, pictures!


The start of the night. Ev, Stacey, and Tony had already ordered a bottle of red wine by the time I came into China East.


Stacey: We’re talking about boyfriends! Evelina has a boyfriend, you know!

Ev: NO I DON’T! Tire la langue


A five-pointed star on the ceiling? I suppose that’s something. Love the lighting, though with the orange, I don’t know if it goes well…


I can only read some of the characters, but not all. I know that the first two characters mean “tomorrow”, the fourth character “sei” means “life” or “birth”… and it ends with… something-something- natta-yo.



Someone was celebrating his birthday on the next table (he was 20), and I was quite fascinated by the firework that I decided to take a picture. I thought of cropping it, but I ended up not doing it. Three fireworks were set off — this was one, and earlier there was another. Tony’s was the last. ^_^


Tony took this for me — I could not possibly take a good shot of my own self in public.



Our birthday boy’s looking all gruff! Well, Tony celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday, but today something extra was done for him (read on).


*cue Pink Panther theme, please*


My face was buried behind the camera. -__-


Ah, now that’s better.


Sarah always makes epic faces. The last time she did it was when she cosplayed Minnie Mouse. (Goodness me, I’m abusing the word “cosplay” again.) And now there’s this one.


Peter was staring into space…


…and several minutes later, he was STILL staring into space! No matter how many times I tried waving my hand in front of him, he still did not budge! It took Stacey to hit his forehead… Tire la langue (Pardon the facial expression, I look horrible here. -__-")


That was the one shot I could get of Ev.


The sponge cake was pretty normal, but the touches to it were very special — JUST LOOK AT THAT! And you doubt they’d allow that in MY (look at how strict the law is with fireworks!)… *stares with Kirby eyes*


“For he’s a jolly good Scotsman, for he’s a jolly good Scotsman…”


WE ALL LOVE YOU, TONY! Coeur rouge And on a side note I believe this is one of the best shots I’ve ever taken. I’m archiving this in my PC for those who want it in 768x1024!


Once again, the Lord be praised and thanked for a wonderful night. ^_^

Tomorrow will be our lunch meet, and then on Wednesday, Lent begins. That’s not stopping us from being together, but it’s going to turn us into penitents. Whatever it takes. We’ll be ready.


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