Smile, Troisnyx. Hertfordshire loves you.


A few things have made me smile lately… these are little things around me that not many people might notice, but the Lord has made me notice. And I’ve managed to capture them… They are few for now, but they really made my day.


“Love is often stifled by hatred, but its colours shine through.” I took this right outside St Peter’s Church at Bishops Rise, Hatfield — someone had left a heart-shaped balloon outside, and it was surrounded by branches and thorns. I felt this would make for a good shot, so right before I entered into the church for contemplative prayer and Vespers, I took this.


“Light, however faint it is, is noticeable.” These are the lights from the windows of the houses in Roberts Way. In order for me to go to Chapman Hall (in College Lane), I take a beeline through Roberts Way. I remember the first time I saw this and said this’d make for a good shot, I stopped in my tracks. My friend Gonçalo came behind me and asked me what the matter was, and I drew his attention to these lights.


Bright sunlight in Britain is bound to make your day. If the weather is stereotypically cold, dark and grey, this’d give us a reason to smile. This was taken at around 8:02 in the morning whilst I was waiting for the bus to Watford (which arrived perhaps a few seconds after this) — despite the cold, the days are growing longer and longer, and soon we’ll be moving to Daylight Savings. Everyone loves being out in the sun, and this one just made my day.


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