I’m not letting go of those dreams — yes, I’d gladly give them to the Lord, but I know that these are dreams which have a greater good.

My hopes of being a singer-songwriter, composing game OSTs and mastering the drums have one thing in common. Well, actually, two things.

  1. I want His light to shine through what I do.
  2. I want to be timeless.

Since I’m not going to participate this year anyway, I might as well yell it out in the open for all of you to hear. I submitted one of my works for a YT audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

I am fully aware that the directors, while sifting through thousands of entries, pick those who are really, really good, and those who are horrible. The former are the ones who go to greater heights, while the latter are stand-up comedians. Those in the middle don’t have any hope of getting through.

But why do you think I’d join? I joined simply because here, there is an audience for any genre of music. And when I say any genre, I really do mean any genre. People have been touched by my songs and have indeed told me about this (I’m saying this on #kingdomherts for the third time now, I think).

I had a conversation with my relatives from Essex, who are all for me going. The only thing standing in my way… isn’t my LLB. There could only be one thing. Hint hint.

I do not know when my big break will come. I am getting old. Or rather, I am feeling old. I don’t know what it’d take for me to get my point across to someone. I don’t know if I can really take his word for it.

I suppose, in the meantime, I’m just going to produce songs in my lonely little corner, on my own little chair, on which I can be whatever I want to be. The thoughts I have on my little chair are fleeting thoughts, imbued with a sense of longing which has been going on for years, and yet, there are people close to home who just don’t want to listen.

I suppose I can wait, though to be honest, I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF WAITING.


Joshua at: April 7, 2011 at 9:30 PM said...

There could only be one thing. Hint hint.


Or rather, I am feeling old.

But you're still looking good. :)

on which I can be whatever I want to be

Like a giraffe? I've never wanted to be a giraffe, but maybe you have.

troisnyx* at: April 8, 2011 at 8:33 AM said...

The thing that I am hinting at can be Godzilla-ish when angry.

And no, I've never wanted to be a giraffe. :P

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