Starting line theme, anyone?


La Ligne du Départ done on FL Studio 9.

A remake of this.

La Ligne du Départ, the winning composition for Round 14 of the OC Contest, done on Mario Paint Composer.

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, and I’ve done some thinking about how to use this track. Picture this:

The trainees are at the starting line, about to begin some intense training. Majors Zulkahar and Evayne in front of them, giving them words of advice. Halfway through the song, there is commotion: two trainees are missing, and both of them are key players — Aimée Durand and Sylvain Dieudonné.

Suddenly, there is a small flash of light in the sky, a rumbling sound coming from the sky, and the clouds part as though by force. Everyone looks up (or gets his friends to look up)… and they see a dragon (it’s Senior [Erroll] de Wardes) flying at full speed, with Aimée, Sylvain and Senior (Llyr) Bleddyn on it. Aimée and Sylvain are having the time of their lives up in the sky. Soon after, they all reach the ground. Aimée, Sylvain and Llyr get off, and Erroll changes back to his human form. Aimée joins her friends at the starting line with a determined smile on her face.

There. I finally put this theme to good use. Plot to be developed soon.


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