At this rate my dreams will be nothing but dreams… T_T


Here’s a list of things I need to get. If you think I don’t need them, you’re wrong.

  • A chroma key sheet, preferably at 9 x 20.
  • Lighting for the chroma key sheet.
  • The full version of Fruity Loops Studio 9 (or 10, if the full version for that is out).
  • The full version of Sony Vegas Pro.
  • A good pair of drumsticks.
  • A keyboard with a sustain pedal and a means to plug directly into the PC.
  • Drums.
  • A noise-cancelling mic.
  • A good pair of speakers.
  • A good headset.

I can at least begin somewhere with these things. I have a video camera and the demo version of FL 9, the demo version of Sony Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker 2.6 in hand. Not saying that these won’t get me anywhere — they have gotten me somewhere (i.e. for Cordelia’s Song), but I need proper video taking and music making this time.

And I’m making my wishes known simply because I want to take my dream somewhere. But I cannot afford nearly everything in the list, and I’m aware of that. And at this rate, my dreams will be nothing but dreams. En pleurs


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