The person who owns this picture on DA created this sea-salt ice-cream necklace all by herself. Apparently she still has the original. Regardless of whether or not she does have the original, I would really love to snag this. This chain can stand out against yellow (and would look totally kawaii ^_^), and I’m actually wearing yellow as I write this post. I haven’t had a bit of Kingdom Hearts merchandise, even fanmade, apart from the games themselves. This thing is $16 (about £10), and considering how big and chunky this is, and how much effort has been put into it (seriously, check this girl out; all her works are AWESOME!), I’d say it’s worth getting.

I imagine I’d be able to find uses for this. Summer is here, and this is really, really gonna stand out. Also, with the new song I’ve just finished sequencing on FL (which actually screams kawaii desu), this thing is going to be a statement.

But I’m restraining myself from spending first. I need a job.


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