University of Hertfordshire Summer Ball ^_^

Cue cute Japanese animé and game songs please.

I was practically dressed like an animé character — pigtails and hair ribbons, shirt, shorts, boots and leggings. And kawaii accessories. I didn’t even think of wearing a dress because I wore those dresses a number of times. And I wanted to do something different with the clothes I had. Those shorts and that shirt are clothes which I regularly wear in the comfort of my own room. So I thought I’d revamp them… the most tasteful way I could.

But yeah. The University of Hertfordshire Summer Ball took place on Friday, 27 May from 8:00 p.m. in the Forum and in the surrounding areas. They were all barricaded from as early as 5:00 p.m.! People had trouble going back to their halls of residence because the normal way was practically gated and watched over by security. But again, it’s the Summer Ball. It isn’t everyday that they’re doing this. The entire thing took place from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., and I had already determined, long before I went there, that I wouldn’t stay for the full thing. I knew the next morning I needed to be up for mass and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
Kate and I were among the few who got in with VIP access. For both of us, due to our active participation on UHSU Soapbox, our tickets were saved by the SU. I was among the earliest to get in — I got in via the back entrance (the closest to the halls in the College Lane campus) at 8:05 p.m., and decided to whip out my Flip and Lumix cameras and take whatever snapshots I could of the night.

From this point on there will be visuals — the story will be explained in photos and videos.


Balloons! You probably remember on some occasions, in the Forum, there are balloon arches. There were two balloon arches when I first came into the Forum for the International Students’ Orientation Week. And today, there were two — and more balloons! ^_^ They’re always such pretty things to take on camera.

One of the rides overlooking a stall. The ride is similar to what some people would call a Sky Rider. That’s the kind which would spin and take people up in the air and then come down with great speed. Now this stall was sponsored by Red Stag, and apparently they were having a dance-off. I thought it’d be interesting, but since it was going to be out in the cold, I ended up not taking part.

Also, mind that black spot on the tent — it came from my camera. I don’t even know what it is.


After this point I went to the VIP area. Some of you might notice this as the same area where some parts of Cordelia’s Song was recorded. I waited for Kate, and then came across another new friend from the SU — Valentina, who was also waiting for Kate… how happy we were when we saw her!

Now do you recognise the area? Also, the song playing in the background is a work in progress, which I codenamed « Penser à ne pas grandir » (“Thinking of not growing up”).

From left: Kate, Valentina and me. There, here’s proof that I look like a Japanese animé character. That champagne in my hand is the only drink I ever took in the Summer Ball. Now that I think of it, I’m actually glad I decided against putting red glitter glue on my hands and/or face…

We went around and mingled with whomever we could find. And I whipped out my cameras…

Some students mingling with the staff. The man with the bowtie is the university’s new Vice Chancellor.

Valentina wanted her photo taken; she got it. ^_^

Valentina with another SU contributor, Alastair (?).

We took this picture just for laughs. Kate’s face may be dominating much of the picture, but Alastair looks quite chuffed!

Soon after that we met Thom Palser, head of UHSU Media……… and you can imagine what happened.

In case you’re not sure which one Thom is, he’s the one on the far right. And on the subject of getting names right, I’m not sure of the name of the guy on the left….. -__-

Et non, mes amis, ce n’est ni Diner Chippendales ni une soirée interdite aux hommes, on est parfaitement légitime ici.

Kate’s final message to the readers. Also Vickie and Thom are caught on video!

After a great deal of mingling with Kate, Vickie, the Open Mic hosts and the SU staff, Kate, her partenaire and I left the VIP area and went looking around. Darkness was falling, so after spending a short time outside, we went into the Forum.

UH students, in case you don’t know where this is………. this is the Forum Restaurant. It had been turned into a bar, the Urban Arena, just for that night. This was one of the stages for the night.



There was a performance going on outside by a newly-formed band (two of the members were UH students) and I watched. They were quite good. The moving lights were awesome! ^_^

Mon ami et son partenaire.

The Café Forum was still largely the Café Forum, but Food Hertfordshire (the Forum Restaurant operators) set up stalls there for anyone who felt peckish. ^_^ I got meals there twice.

A shot from the Café Forum. Two rides — the ferris wheel and the Ghost Train — were outside the café, where the bus stands are. So as you can imagine, one direction was completely blocked, and the majority of buses going to Hatfield Business Park were not operating. After Feeder (which I’ll talk about immediately after this), the three of us went for a ride on the Ghost Train. It had all the stereotypically scary things, but wasn’t really scary. In fact, I could actually say it was hilarious, although just to be safe, I gripped the edge of my seat.

After that, the three of us went to the Auditorium to watch a live performance by Feeder (the band). Now, I’m not a fan of Feeder, but I didn’t want to be alone, and so I went with them.

I recognise Pushing The Senses, but I’m yet to look up the other song titles.

So for much of the time, I was seated, but from time to time, I stood up, either to take a video, or to watch the drummer play. I wanted to have the same confidence he had when he was playing…

Kate Snowdon and Troisnyx — will this be our last shot together?

The main hall of the Forum close to midnight. The lights were turned off, except for the ones at the side and at the Box Office and upper floor. So it was notably darker. This was around the time the three of us went up for Ellie Goulding’s performance.

The opening had drums <3 Then after that were two songs — “Under the Sheets” was the first one. I’m yet to look up the title of the second one.

Yes, people. That’s Ellie Goulding in front of you. And if you ask me if it’s the Ellie Goulding, yes, it’s the Ellie Goulding.

Seventeen minutes into her concert I believed I could drop — I was so tired, and I took my leave. Kate and her partenaire took leave shortly after.

Thanks for a great Summer Ball — I had a wonderful time, even if it was for slightly more than half of the actual thing. The thing was meticulously planned, and we had a fun and uneventful night. It’s also the first time I’ve seen the Forum and the surrounding areas transformed, and the transformation was quite well done. I mean, just look at what used to be the Forum Restaurant! That alone speaks volumes. And if I should not speak about the event itself, it’s just great to see so many familiar faces once again.

I do realise that this is also my last official post for 2010/11 as a Soapbox blogger, and I’d like to give a shout to the bloggers in my batch — Kenny, Conrad, Danna, Vickie and Kate — as well as the sabbs — I’m glad to be part of this project, and I enjoyed it a lot. As this term comes to a close (well, it already has come to a close!), I can now look back at 2010/11 and see how much I’ve enjoyed my academic year (law school matters aside, of course).


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