A lovely afternoon with the chaplaincy… and the parishioners too!


Today was the day we, the members of the chaplaincy, gave thanks to the parishioners for allowing us to use the parish hall. It was also a time for us to mingle with them. I didn’t do much mingling, because I’m largely shy — I’m only outspoken when I feel up to it, and today just wasn’t one of these days. Regardless, I thank all who came, and I thank each and every one of the parishioners who contributed — thanks for making this such a lovely afternoon. Coeur rouge

The funny thing was, a lot of people missed it because of exams. Here I am, with a Tort Law paper tomorrow (and a Commercial Law paper the day after), and I decided to go right ahead with the tea party!

And as expected, here are some pictures — taken by Karen and yours truly!

Food, glorious food! I got the boxes of Bakewells and whoopies from the Co-op, as a last-minute contribution.

What’s traditional Britain without a tea party? Cups were on the bar table waiting to be filled.

More pictures of food glorious food:

So this was the table of treats when we first set it up.

And then… Damian opened the door at the other end of the hall, leading to another area of the church compound I had never seen before… the courtyard.

That’s Karen in the picture, by the way. The weather was just so lovely, it was warm, the sun was up, and this was what prompted Damian to open the door. I was pleased! Karen and I immediately went out and basked in the sun.

Tea and sweet treats. Coeur rouge

Some more pictures of the goings-on at the tea party:

Students and parishioners getting comfy. I was greeted by another one of the parishioners, Netta, immediately after I had taken this photo. ^_^

Jemma, a nursing student, giving me directions to a certain location in North Hatfield which I thought of visiting.

That’s Michelle and……. I don’t think the person next to her is Glenn.

Nope, it’s not.

Sophia helping out with the dishes.

It was a lovely afternoon, and everyone was just so friendly SQUIRREL!

That blurting out of “SQUIRREL!” was a reference to the Disney/Pixar film “Up”. Karen went outdoors and saw a squirrel, and went right ahead to take photos of it! ^_^


Thereafter, there was mass, and the gathering of students and a DVD screening, “Arise Once More: Reviving Catholic Britain”. I pray God give me the inspiration to write more about the screening, because we at the chaplaincy seem to have begun and ended on that note — and it leaves a deep impression in my heart. Coeur rouge

Special thanks to Father Mark and Damian for getting everything together, to Sophia, Michelle and Karen for the contribs, to all the parishioners for joining us this afternoon, and to all of you in the chaplaincy who read this. I love each and every one of you, and I thank the Lord God for you.


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