When I first saw the announcement for the University of Hertfordshire’s largest student event, the Summer Ball, I thought of going… then I looked at the ticket prices (some £40, ouch!) and I said, nawwww, I’m not going.

Then……. several months later, i.e. today, after I came back from my Tort Law exam paper in the De Havilland Sports Village, I received an e-mail regarding UHSU Soapbox.

Kate Snowdon and I are the most regular of the seven bloggers on Soapbox to date, having posted the most articles and having covered the most events, and for this,

we are getting VIP access to the Summer Ball!!! =D

Oh what joy! The Lord be praised!

The rest of the bloggers will also be joining us, tickets paid for. I hope it’s gonna be a blast. From the look of things, as well as what people have said about the Summer Ball, it seems to be a blast indeed. It’s the climax of the events organised by the UHSU, and I’m gonna make sure not to miss a single moment of it — I’m especially going to capture what melts my heart and catches my eyes the most on that day!

I know how people feel when they say the tickets are pricey. They are pricey indeed, and I’ve felt it. I reckoned I’d miss it anyway. But guys, if you can come, please, do come. It’ll be great to see all of you there. If you can’t come for any reason whatsoever, I’ll understand — and I’ll be sure to share the fun with all of you, be it in pictures or in videos. I hope I may still have access to both!


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