The May Festival has begun… in the University of Hertfordshire!

Before I joined the crew at the UHSU Catholic Society at the Forum for our weekly lunch gathering, I saw a samba band rehearsing in the Forum. I wondered what was going on, so whilst waiting for my friends, I decided to take a look.

The samba band doing their rehearsal before the show began.

And after lunch, I saw that they had already begun performing. There was a little crowd of people gathered around them, and they went out for a few moments so that the people sitting outside the EleHouse could get a glimpse of what's going on.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first day of the May Fest 2011, organised by UH Arts.

(Pssssssst.... Students go free!)

This, friends, is Rhythms of the City.

The samba band performing today was Rhythms of the City, with their act titled Braziliana, and they really got the people moving. They have another show on 14 May in the Weston Auditorium, titled Os Tempos do Samba. It seems they do other styles too, like soca and salsa. But because I was tired, I decided not to stay for too long. Perhaps I’d be more involved in the festival after my exams are over.

Some pictures I took:

The samba dancers getting the crowd to go out in the sun, in the open space between the Forum and the EleHouse.

View from up above. (Funny that I thought of this song when I saw this picture… And it’s been ages since I last heard it, and I love that song.) WAIT DO I SEE A FAMILIAR FACE IN THAT PHOTO? O_O

The May Fest 2011 brochure, which was distributed in the Forum this afternoon.

The description of the first show by Rhythms of the City.

After the last paper — Commercial Law on Tuesday, I might attend more events. I do know that Hertfordshire’s Got Talent begins in The Forum at noon on that day, but for reasons which I might have specified in the previous posts, I shall not be participating, as much as I do want to.

Stay tuned!


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