A new drawing is done!


I had thought of this wallpaper/background idea yesterday evening, and started doing it — it took me four to five hours in total, but it’s finally done…

Presenting… Terra’s, Aqua’s and VentusWayfinders from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! Well, it’s actually in the order of Terra’s, Ventus’ and Aqua’s.

And with the exception of the background colours, which were edited by Erry, I did not use Photoshop. The software at hand were PowerPoint, GIMP and Paint, and so I had to use those to the best of my ability.

This post is up because I told a few friends — notably Phil — that I’d let them see the finished drawing. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, considering I’ve only recently begun to draw decently, though over time, I may experiment with more textures and make them more realistic than ever.

This drawing began on Friday, and ended either on Saturday night or Sunday morning — I forget. And since I took about four to five hours, there were breaks in between. Long breaks.

So here’s how it went, from start to end:


1. A Wayfinder fragment, drawn on Paint.

2. The Wayfinder base. This was done on PowerPoint — by making the white parts of the Wayfinder fragment transparent, and then copying, pasting and rotating.

3. A base with three Wayfinders. Still on PowerPoint, I copied/pasted the single Wayfinder base thrice, then used 3D Rotation to give different angles to each one.

4. I opened Microsoft Paint (I’m on Windows 7, in case you ask) and I coloured them in with an oil brush.

5. I salvaged some Mark of Mastery pictures I made on Paint some time ago (for archive images on Kingdom Hearts Wiki), made the white bits transparent for the Wayfinders on PowerPoint, edited the colours/contrast on the Marks of Mastery on Microsoft Office Picture Manager, superimposed them onto the Wayfinders, grouped them and saved them (on PowerPoint).

6. Still on PowerPoint, I added a Paint Brush effect to the coloured Wayfinders.

7. I smoothened out the colours on GIMP and began to bore holes in the metal parts, for the strings. The Wayfinders now look cartoony.

8. To make them less cartoony, I redid the Paint Brush effect on PowerPoint, and gave them a second edit over on GIMP.

9. Then, on GIMP, I made a background, with orange for the foreground and blue for the background, and I made it a HSV gradient, and I gave it a bit of texture —

but, as you can see, it's too bright.

10. Then I passed it to Erry, who darkened the background on Photoshop:

Just the timbre I needed! Thanks, Erry!

11. Added bokeh and minimal glitter on GIMP.

12. Copied/pasted the supposedly finished Wayfinders onto the BG. So on GIMP, this file had two layers. This was to be the wallpaper base.

13. Added glitter, softlighted some edges of the Wayfinders so that they’d glow (both on GIMP), and added strings on Paint. Reopened GIMP and gave the strings a bit more detail, so that at full download size it wouldn’t look unrealistic.

Before I added the strings I showed Unbirth the picture, and he noticed that the Wayfinders were opaque, although they were made of glass. So he advised me to make the glass a bit more translucent.

14. Erased a bit of colour from the glass parts of the Wayfinders, and there you have the finished picture:

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The Wayfinders are from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep © Disney and Square Enix.


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