Our Sending finally comes to a close.


It's a great thing to be able to gather a number of voices and a number of supporters together for a good cause — to provide morale support to our friends, no matter the distance. Unbirth conceived this idea and I helped put it into effect by sequencing the music, by doing a bit of promotion, by mixing and assembling the song and the video, by singing... Then slowly but surely, people came forward to lend their voices.

I had to put in the good quality ones because I did not want much of the song to be spoilt, but I know there were a few people who really, really wanted to sing along. I am thinking of you guys, right now, as I write this post before going to bed.

Praise God that we've come this far — we started with just this. This project is ultimately small, but there's no reason for me or for any other person to feel small. I pray, tonight, as I lay me down, that this song may touch many a hardened heart.

Dear friends in Japan... as well as those who live elsewhere but have lost their loved ones... We don't claim to know how hard the situation is, but I, for my part, know how it's like to lose a loved one. We're thinking of you, we're praying for you. I am now, and I pray, tonight, that the souls of the loved ones be granted eternal rest... and that all of you may find a new glimmer of hope.


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