Scouring London


I finally spoke to the BIG, FEARSOME YELLOW DRAGON (*SMILE*) after a long while, and I told him about my adventures in the capital.

Some parts have been omitted. Pictures added as the dialogue progresses. Adding notes where the dialogue does not suffice, because I have forgotten to mention some places.

I spent the whole day (from morning till evening) in London yesterday. And this time, a friend and I went trailblazing all across the capital.
And how is the heart of the empire faring these days? Filled with ugly modernity, I'll warrant.
Part of it is filled with ugly modernity, but I don't think my friend took me there. (He's the same one who recorded the video for Cordelia's Song.) Here's what we did:

Author’s note: Road trailblazing. We were supposed to pass by the Thames but we were running out of time!

… He took me to a few shops he wanted to visit — antique stores.*shiny eyes*
(Never mind that the place was filled with curiosities, I actually saw TWO early Winnie the Pooh drawings among the things sold!)
(And I wanted to get at least one of them! Triste)

(Each was around £35. And I didn't have enough; I was restraining myself from spending.)
(Less than I was expecting, but still. That's expensive.)

Author’s note: I wanted to spend less than £10, and I DID! Most of our journey was on foot, and I just did not want to overspend. Also, we hope that those items would still be there…

…We went to Fortnum and Mason's, another curiosity store (AND SWEET SHOP! =D)
You can imagine my reaction when I went in.
Ended up getting a small tub of chocolate ice-cream and a few chocolate-dipped fruits.
Mademoiselle does love her sweets, does she not?
Indeed!  *shiny eyes*

Author’s note: That place is paradise for anyone who behaves (AND EATS) like Kirby! The spread of sweets is just tantalising! But because of the expected high price at Fortnum and Mason’s, we bought three small treats and the tub of ice-cream.

…Went to the National Gallery and did a quick tour of two areas: the Dutch painting exhibition and the collection of Middle Ages art.
Also bought more food in the café...

Author’s note: Fr Mark was talking about the Renaissance section of the National Gallery (middle picture), and Mike mentioned it to me, but we left when the gallery was about to close! D: The next time I go there, I MUST see that section… But I’m glad we saw much of the medieval art (because much of it was done in praise and honour of God and in remembrance of the saints, as I mentioned in Arise Once More, Part 1) and the Dutch painting section (because even before the Renaissance, Dutch painters were known for detail).

And outside the National Gallery is a countdown timer to the 2012 London Olympics… for those of you who still aren’t sure where the 2012 Olympics are gonna be held.


…Went past Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street...
And then FINALLY, at 7:00, we left for Hatfield.

Sounds lovely.

Author’s note: I had forgotten to mention that we went past the Churchill War Room, a World War I (and II) memorial and this really grand arch… and some other places whose names I forgot… The street behind the black gate is Downing Street, and it’s heavily guarded by police.

And so the conversation continued…

What sort of friend is this?

What do you mean when you say "what sort"? Embarrassé
Just an ordinary friend, or...
Ordinary friend.
I see.
I'm not seeing anyone.
People actually ask me if I
do see anyone... but nawwww.....

I was pretty sure you weren't, but you never know.
I suppose.
I have to upload the pictures from
that other day's performance before I go on to the London pictures... O_O
Though if you didn't tell me, I'd have a dairy farm.
To "have a cow" is to react very strongly, to have a dairy farm is an exaggeration I made up and use occasionally.
In other words, I'd REALLY overreact.

If I didn't tell you about... what?
If you were seeing somebody.

Good times, my friends. Good times. ^_^ Considering Mike’s an exchange student (just like Phil, Marta and Shelby), I won’t be seeing all of them after the summer. *sigh* Well, both of us took the risk and trailblazed across London, and I praise and thank God that it was a great trip — and we didn’t spend much! And better still, nothing untoward happened!


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