The works you missed!

In preparing for my examination, I did not make any mention of Fruity Loops, but I was still working in the background (naysayers, you may keep quiet now). And since Blogger is down, praise God for Windows Live Writer!
Coeur rouge

So, here they are, from the latest to the earliest:

A new version of √Čventails! I once uploaded a phone-recorded version on YouTube, but now I’ve made it a loop for Le Carnet du Service National. The people who heard this really felt this was video game music, and considering I had the place and the back story in mind, I praise God that this was successful!

The live version of Rusty8984’s Cookies! These cookies I held in my hand were the same I drew for the remake: cookies with Smarties in them. I was in the mood for cookies, and when I saw the Smarties cookies on the shelves, I decided to take a bag of them. Each bag is £1, so… why not? I also thought of a live version of the song when I saw those cookies, so there we go.

A cover of “Want You Gone” from the Valve Corporation game, Portal 2. Portal 2 was released during the Easter break, and I decided to remake it. However, I could not achieve the synth effect that GLaDOS had in “Still Alive” (the theme song from the first Portal) and “Want You Gone”. Plus, the mic recorded much of the background noise, so the voices had to be muffled… much to my expense, because this song fared well (with 9 likes) and badly (with 3 dislikes) at the same time.

A remake of Xavalma’s credits theme. And no, we haven’t thought up a new title for it. The lyrics were written by Herty140 and added to by yours truly, and again, the voices were pretty muffled for the same reason as Want You Gone.

There, that’s pretty much it for now. I have a few more blog entries to handle this week, among with are 1) a retelling of Arise Once More: Reviving Catholic Britain for readers of this blog, and 2) the Volunteer Recognition Awards which took place in the Forum Hertfordshire yesterday. There’s no rest for me this week, and probably next week too. ^_^’


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