Six months after reaching my 100-subscriber mark on YT, I reach 200.

Well, I actually reached that mark 21 June, and 21 June bore a lot of significance apart from solely the 200 subscribers.

The day before yesterday was the feast day of St Aloysius Gonzaga, patron saint of young people; yesterday was supposedly  the summer solstice (and the longest day of the year, but IT REALLY DIDN’T FEEL LIKE THAT AT ALL!); yesterday was FĂȘte de la Musique (French for “festival of music”, but people liken it to World Music Day). So a lot of things in one go on 21 June.

And now, time for my recent works. ^_^

Tri Martolod, version 2

A remake of my 100 subscriber special.

Guys, you might most probably remember this as the song I covered when I reached 100 subs. For those who need refreshing or who aren’t familiar with the backstory, this song is a traditional Breton song (Breton = of the region of Brittany in France), the title “Tri Martolod” meaning “The Three Sailors”. Unbirth first introduced this song to me, and I caught up on it, and I was excited… I went on doing the first version — back then, I did not have FL Studio 9, and I made my backing track on Mario Paint Composer (yes, I know >_>). Unbirth didn’t like the instrumentation from the first version, but I now have the impression the second version isn’t any better — it seems slower, I didn’t clap when singing, and it’s Celtic music blended with rock of all things. >_>.


This is where I REALLY reached 200 subs.

Herty140, the original writer of this piece, asked if I could take part in a remake of the piece for his Latin class. Flaminglog would also be reeled in. We were to make a vocal version of this piece. Now I’ve seen the lyrics — the incomplete ones, of course — and right now, they’re quite a mouthful.

I asked if a remake of this piece needed to be done, and when he said he’d like one, I sat down to doing it. However, when I hit the Hibernate button, MY PC ACTED UP ON ME AGAIN JUST LIKE FOR WESTMINSTER TUNE AND I LOST ALL MY FL STUDIO SESSION DATA.En pleurs

So this is the only version I have now — a one-off instrumental. I have to work on the whole thing all over again.

When I reached the 200 subscriber mark, I decided to put this up as my 200 sub piece, since people were yet to hear this — the only person who had heard it in full was Herty himself.

But come to think of it…… six months ago, I hit 100. And on 21 June I hit 200. It’s built up faster than I imagined. I’m happy and humbled at the same time because I wondered if I’d ever even hit 200.

Well, to all those who are now following my works, I have but one thing to say… thank you.


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