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I know it’s been four days since the parish Summer Garden Party took place, but oh well. It’s the major fundraising event for St Peter’s Hatfield, and that day, it was sweltering. Fr Mark even said, “We reserved the good weather for that day!” And true enough!

That day was also the feast of Corpus Christi — the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus — and there were two masses before the garden party took place (I went for the one at 9:15 a.m.). It has been effectively ten years since I received my first Holy Communion, since I believe I received it on Corpus Christi 2001 (17 June 2001, but I’m going by liturgical years here). Ten years and going strong, I hope and pray you, Lord!

I didn’t take that many pictures because I wanted to enjoy myself as long as the garden party lasted, and I indeed did. I was quite happy. ^_^ It was a day to stay out and enjoy the heat and take the time off to get together with friends, more than a place for attractions. I’ll admit, I don’t do very much in fundraising parties — I didn’t do very much during my school fundraising events (no, not even the one in 2007), and I don’t hog every stall I see. So… there you go.

This post is for those who requested that the pictures be online and available, so here they are — the few that I have taken from my angle. Hope they’re good…


The toy store. Ironically, it wasn’t a hit with kids — it was a hit with older teens and young adults. I suppose I can see why. ^_^ I didn’t want to splurge, but if I wanted to spend on anything here, I’d have easily taken three plushies home. Which will make three too many?

The cake store. Again, considering how much of a sweet tooth I actually do have, I decided not to splurge here. Also, before coming back to the parish hall for the party, I had a quick breakfast, and with it I had two Mars rolls…….. enough cakes. >_> I do like how these cupcakes are done, though — the sugar and sprinkles look lovely under the light! Coeur rouge

There was even a store specifically for garden items, and even things that people had planted and made ready for others to use. I couldn’t take the whole thing, but it did look lovely nonetheless. A few of us helped lift the potted plants over to the front (as they were all placed in some obscure corner outside the hall). No, but seriously, looking at this during summertime is just nice — I remember that I won’t be able to see much of it when autumn and winter come.

YAY SCONES AND JAM! XD That was for a tea and coffee stall. I helped out only a little bit on that, then after that, went in and out of the hall to look around.

The posh wash store. The people running this store had a lucky draw, and each ticket cost £1. Some of the gifts were really good — full makeup, bath and hair sets. I didn’t take part. But I remember I helped two parish friends — Pauline and Audrey — do a bit of decoration for the prizes. FANCY PACKAGING FTW! Clignement d'œilBut anyway. The results of the prize draw were announced towards the end. There was another stall which did the same thing, but with drinks instead. I dared not take part — I didn’t want to end up bringing home a bottle of wine which I wouldn’t use until say, September, when I put it in the chaplaincy’s fridge?

The facepaint stall. I presume it was open to anyone, but mainly to kids. Each do would cost £5. The stall was run by one of the people helping out at St Philip Howard School.

Now, I know this will mean spilling some details which I shall save for later, but I had facepaint on me — just seven colours and an applicator — and I put some on myself, in something that looks like the runes from Suikoden (all jaggedy, something like this, but not exactly…). I wanted something which looked tribal, but matched my shirt and whatever else I was wearing. I waited until after morning mass to put the facepaint on me, and when people saw me with it, they asked me if I was running the facepaint stall! And towards the end, the actual person running the facepaint stall asked me if I could perhaps help out during St Philip Howard School’s summer fayre, which falls on this Sunday… ALL THAT CONFUSION AND RECOGNITION FOR FACEPAINT I AM HAPPY. Rire

Just in case you’re curious, yes, that is the facepaint I put on myself. This pic was taken in the Try Your Luck stall (I’m not sure who actually took it) — it was pretty much a mini roulette thing. However familiar you are with the rules, here’s how it goes — the roulette has numbers 0 to 36. Ten people play at a time, and each person puts in a small amount of money. The highest number takes a certain amount of winnings. I won the first round, and decided not to raise the stakes anymore — I put in £1 and won £5, and I felt I needed the £5!

Next to me is Vivien, who was one of few people running this stall. The others were Carolyn and Toni. I didn’t take Toni’s pic, but you’ll probably remember Carolyn from the final Open Mic night.

There were also a food stall (I stopped and got a meal there), one for woodworks, one for books, one for trinkets. And there was also a bouncy castle, but it…… was too small for me. ^_^'



Sweets, orange and lemonade! Rire The sweets cost me about 20p and the drink was 50p. I took a few helpings of the drink — it was sweltering.

Strawberries and cream! Now I can say with all honesty that this is one of my all-time favourite desserts. I’ve been having it easily three times this month alone.


And other pictures…

Three of my uni friends. At least one of them is leaving Hertfordshire for good today. I’m glad you guys could come, and I’m gonna miss you all. See how bad I am with names, and how much better I am with recognising faces…

The girl beside me is Sylvia, also from the uni. It was great that she could come too. ^_^

Evelina playing with the children from the parish. These pictures were requested by the lovely couple who took Ev into their home — James and Netta. Since I have Ev on Facebook, I showed her the pix.

Carolyn. She was wearing almost the same colour as I was!


Facepaint shots, just because.

For the ways in which these shots were taken, these are my favourite shots of the entire afternoon. And no, it’s not because they’re of me. So, in chronological order:

This was taken before it all began. I loved the buntings hung at the door, so I took this… while trying to keep my arm AS LOW AS I POSSIBLY COULD!

And the next two shots were taken when the evening came to a close.

Shows the amount of blue I have on me. I wanted a blue and yellow theme, but people could recognise me by my yellow shirt, so I needed more blue on my face. The makeup was also my own. That balloon…… I just hope no one caught me taking this shot.

And my favourite of the three. This one’s especially filled with colour! Coeur rouge




The day before yesterday was Michael’s last day in Hatfield, and effectively his last day in the UK. He left for Vancouver yesterday. We spent the day together — visited a friend in Pondcroft in Hatfield, then had a meal, then tried to wait for a bus but ended up waiting till 10:00! And it was cold…… and his bags were heavy… but oh well. The last pictures we took were in Pondcroft.

Michael and the other friend whose name I have forgotten…. AGAIN…

Taking me… taking you… That one had us splitting our sides laughing. Rire


So there you go.

Alright back to srs bsns kthxbai.


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