Host for a Mario Paint OC contest..... again!


Whoa, guys. Just whoa.
Yesterday, M7 announced the results of the Mario Paint Original Composition Contest Round 16.

My better two compositions, the Signature Theme and Floating In Thunderous Skies scored third and first place respectively. Champion again.... The Lord be praised! ^_^

I've effectively won two successive competitions: Rounds 14 and 16. With the same piano soundfont. That's a new record. (I hosted Round 15, by the way.) I initially thought Herty140 won, and I was screaming for joy when I saw that, but one minute of fail later, I realised I had won...

Which leads me to the next round I'm hosting: Round 17.

It's now open for submissions, so if you do use any version of the Mario Paint Composer software, please, do go right ahead and throw in an original work.


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