One is a step-by-step explanation of a drawing, and the other is the final result of a work I just completed today.

I recently completed a drawing of Reyvateil sisters Luca and Leyka Trulyworth from Ar tonelico II — otherwise known as Luca Trulyworth and Cloche Leythal Pastalia respectively. This is one drawing I’m actually quite happy about, because of the thick outlines and vivid colours.

In case you’re wondering which one is Luca and which one is Cloche, Luca has blue hair.

Alright, time for a step-by-step explanation of how it was done:

On DeviantArt Muro, I began drawing Cloche. Light blue is my ideal skeleton colour, as you can tell — it’s easy on the eyes, and I can erase the blue parts on GIMP once the drawing is done.

Then, I flipped the image…

… and drew Luca. Now, I thought of the ending scene — there’s a song that the two of them sing together, and this drawing was heavily inspired by that. The song in question is EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/.

Removed the blue lines on GIMP, and rendered the image transparent.

Still on GIMP, I coloured the drawing in.

I copied the drawing on PowerPoint and passed it through the Cutout filter. Note that this is a later version of the drawing, because I only added the lighting marks on GIMP some time after filtering.

The original version of the filtered drawing. I added a crescent moon, which I drew from scratch on Paint, copied to PowerPoint and filtered. Ar tonelico II enthusiats would immediately think this refers to Viola Moon, but I didn’t even have that in mind.

The near-final version of the drawing. A background was added on a separate layer. The houses are arranged in a curved pattern, reminiscent of the actual layout of Ar Ciel, the fictional planet where Ar tonelico takes place.

Final result. The opening lines of EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. were added to the drawing. The lines read, Was yea ra chs ieeya fhyu (I will gladly become the wind of hope) for Luca, and Wee ki ra chs wasara dor (I will honestly become the abundant earth) for Cloche.




The other drawing I’d like to share with you guys is this:

This is the large version of an entry to a contest on DeviantArt. The group holding the contest is Happy Animé Art. Their tagline: “pictures that make us smile”.

This was pretty much my first try with magnified animé faces and…. well, this style of drawing. It isn’t too far from my actual style, but it isn’t one I’d have come up with overnight.


Like it? I’d be glad if you faved the drawings in their respective pages:

Hymme Trulyworth  /  Happy Animé Art Icon, Size L


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