FL Studio 9… AND 10, IN FULL. <3


I have really good news, guys. ^_^

The differences between this FL Studio window and my previous FL Studio windows are:

  • It’s FL Studio 10, not FL Studio 9 anymore.
  • It’s the Producer’s Edition (Signature Bundle), not the demo version anymore.

A very dear friend of mine gave me this at around midnight today. I was hoping to earn it for myself, but here it came! I really didn’t see it coming, and I was pleasantly surprised. I smiled and cried all in the course of an hour. That’s how I felt. I was overjoyed.

The whole process was nerve-wrecking: sending the file over was worrisome; getting it installed was even worse. I opened the registration key… and there were just so many five-digit groups in it that I didn’t know which one even applied!

But I’m glad that it’s all settled now.

So what this means is:

  • I get to save without losing any plugins. In the demo version of FL Studio (the one I had was FL Studio 9), saving would mean losing some plugins, in particular, the Fruity Soundfont Player. And the Fruity Soundfont Player is the plugin I use the most, because oftentimes I get realistic sound samples from .SF2 files.
  • If I have to keep my work for the next day, I don’t have to hibernate the PC at all. I can just save and shut down. Hibernating (turning off and saving the session) over the past few days has had its risks — sometimes hiberfil.sys doesn’t work, and when that happens, it triggers shutdown. And you know what happens when I can’t save and the PC shuts down: I LOSE MY HARD WORK. -__-
  • I can rework files, because they will all be saved. Before this, once I finished a song, I had to close FL (and lose whatever it is that I’ve done) in order to prepare for the next song. Also, in the event where I accidentally close FL and I find a song needs revision for one reason or another, I can now do it.

So I do not have to put up with anymore problems apart from my own incompetence. THE LORD BE PRAISED! Coeur rouge





Now, with this version of FL Studio in hand PC, I have to be mindful of where I began: in 2010, when I first began recording regularly, I had but a phone to record the music and the voice. I didn’t even have a PC mic. Then, I got my PC (thanks dad and Narin! ^_^) in late August last year, and it came with an integrated mic. Oh, the relief I felt. I had an external mic to go with it too, but by December, the mic was no longer functioning. I had to sequence my backing music with Mario Paint Composer 2.0 (yes, I’m not lying). Where there was no panning and not enough dynamic range on the piano soundfont, it sounded passable, but not professional enough.

Then, when a lot of my Mario Paint Composer friends talked about FL Studio, I was eager to get it. And so, early this year, just in time for the Refreshers’ Fair, I got it and began working on my first background music tracks. Since I didn’t know how to pan and I had pretty basic samples… it didn’t sound too good as far as acoustics were concerned, but I made sure it sounded musically alright at the very least.

Slowly but surely, I learned how to pan and how not to make the audio peak. I tried my hand on heavier voice layering. My style now comes from a year and a few months of toil. And I do not want to forget the people who have seen me through that time, as well as the support I received and the flak I had to put up with (even of late).

I am now going to thank the good Lord for this gift.



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