A new year opens for the chaplaincy (and other updates)


Well, almost. September will begin the new year for us, pretty much.

Today, I received the programme for the next term from the chaplain. And among other things, I found out:

  • We need something up and ready for Freshers’ Fair on 30 September, as awareness to all Catholic students. The staff must be there. And that means I SHALL BE THERE! For the first part, I shall be documenting the goings-on at Freshers’ Fair (as I did last year), and then after that, it’ll be from the receiving end of the chaplaincy.
  • Our next walk down the Tyburn trail is going to be on 15 October this year. (I pray God that I have the strength to even walk, let alone document the whole thing! And the programme came to me when I was working on the song, “Down the Tyburn Trail”, so it makes things even more fitting.)
  • One of my all-time favourite movies, Des Hommes et Des Dieux (Of Gods and Men), is FINALLY ON DVD. Yes, FINALLY. When I watched that on the big screen with four other friends — Damian, Marta, Gonçalo and Sophia (please tell me if I’m forgetting anyone else, but I’m sure there were five of us), I wept. I really wept. I shall not spoil the details of the film for those who have not yet watched it, but the moment I rewatch it, I’ll try and post a review here on this site.
  • Our trip to Rome (which happens once every two years) will be in 2012. Hopefully.

As far as the new academic year is concerned, I am really looking forward to this. And a lot more chaplaincy happenings.

Although…… we’re all gonna miss our friend Damian Ryan, who will be joining seminary in September. 3 September will be his last day with us in Hatfield… for six years.

Closer to this time period are the Faith Summer Conference and World Youth Day.

Apparently this letter containing the programme for the Faith Conference in Surrey had arrived in Cherry Way a week or so ago, but since I was staying in and recuperating most of the time, I didn’t pay attention. It took housemate Ervina to send the letter to me, and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have known. Thank you, Ervina. ^_^

Some of you may be able to pay attention to what’s on the sheet on the right of the programme book. Yes, among the many points is a sentence in bold, which reads: Mobile phone reception is very poor at Woldingham; there are a few pay phones available. (And no, I doubt there’d be internet either.) Which brings me back to my Faith Winter Conference days, except that I spent three days and two nights in Stonyhurst College. I’m really, really anticipating my time in Surrey. I can’t wait. ^_^

And since I’m speaking about the chaplaincy quite a lot (no, I’m not finished talking about it yet!), I’ve got a little something to share with you.

One of the first steps I took outside Hatfield and into another place was with the chaplaincy, to London, where we trailblazed from Westminster to Tyburn (yes, the infamous Tyburn trail). After that, I had a strong urge to sing about the heartbreak that took place there. And so I told James about my encounters and the history behind them, and gave him a line: au sommet de la haine et de l’amour — at the summit of hatred and love. And so, he wrote a set of lyrics, which I set to music and sang yesterday. I wanted it to be a recapitulation of one of our first activities, where we retraced the steps of those who suffered and staked their lives for the Catholic Christian faith during Henry VIII’s reign. I’ll be putting it in the next post, otherwise this post, which is already cluttered, is going to be even more cluttered than usual.


I was at Pauline’s when we decided to have shepherd’s pie, and I thought I’d help around in the kitchen. I ended up making it with her (and doing the salad too!), and we both spent about two hours in the kitchen just preparing the food!

And I know the dinner was half-eaten, but it was satisfying. Coeur rougeMmmmmmm… I could do that again. I feel like I can smell the food that was used that day. Praise the Lord. Teamwork FTW!

…….Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll speak more in the next post.


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