Freshers' Week begins....... on a rather disgusting note

With the home students coming in, Freshers’ Week began yesterday. Today, there was the gathering with the University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union (UHSU) Media Department, and so I went. I was involved with the media last year, in that I was a blogger for UHSU Soapbox. I knew that new slots would be open for a new batch of Soapbox bloggers, and I also wanted to see what else could be done in the UHSU. So I arrived at the Forum, grabbed a hot meal and went to record two videos, one of which was an interview with one of the VPs, James Bowers — helped out with the Soapbox sign, asked about writing for the weekly newspaper, Universe… I grabbed the Freshers’ Issue of the Universe, and after a while, headed back home.

Just a few minutes ago, I read through it. And truly, what I’ve read is enough proof that Freshers’ Week 2011 begins on a rather disgusting note.

“…If you know yourself and know you might be a bit too drunk to remember that — I wouldn’t recommend (doing that) then, anyway — stick a little reminder in a discrete place by your bed to use a condom. You don’t want to have to be dealing with HIV or a baby for the rest of your life.”

This has undertones of a very serious, very dangerous nature. It’s been mentioned to us in the Faith Summer Conference, it’s been further explained to us in World Youth Day — Blessed John Paul II was right when he mentioned that the contraceptive culture would be a culture of death. In a healthy society, children are seen as gifts. Yet here, in this day and age, for people who are taken up by contraceptive culture, the ultimate disaster is a child. And that the word ‘baby’ had to be written next to ‘HIV’ only further highlights the plight of our people.

This is not new. Towards the fall of ancient Rome, approximately 2,000 years ago, a primitive form of abortion, known as ‘exposure’, was practised. Newborn babies were killed immediately upon delivery. Regardless of whether it’s done in the womb or outside the womb, what we’re killing is the same: human offspring. It is equally dehumanising. We don’t know whether any primitive contraception ever existed, but we do know that when contraception came into public use a few decades ago (purportedly to reduce the number of abortions to nil), the number of abortions skyrocketed. Heck, every provision concerning abortion had been passed after contraception came into public usage. It only takes a quick look into the archives of the Bills passed by the House of Commons to know this. Even the infamous decision in Roe v Wade (for North American readers) came after contraception was publicly accessible.

Sounds fishy? I think the facts on when the Bills were passed would be enough to answer your question and make you think.

On a side note, the irony is that the writer is part of one of the Christian societies under the UHSU. UHSU CathSoc is one of the Christian societies under the UHSU too. Well, I can bravely cite Tradition and state that in the early years of the Church, Christians never exposed newborns, and they never should!

“Be safe…”
A very overused phrase, with similar undertones to the previous phrase.

Dive further and you find a question on pregnancy and abortion.
Also, with similar undertones to phrase #1.

In truth, the disgust I felt from reading that paper is part of a much bigger problem.

There is pressure everywhere, mainly from the media, but also by people who have been taken up by their message. That message is one which reduces the human body to nothing but a commodity. I dare write about these phrases that I have come across, not because I wish to pick on any writer (the merits of the writers’ hearts are not for me to decide), but because I know where all this is leading to. 2,000-year-old history is repeating itself. It’s not a university problem, it’s a societal issue. There could only be one person at work, seminating all that perversion. Other people who spread the message to kill the offspring in the womb are all caught up by the thoughts of people around them and the messages of the media, but there is one sole driving force behind their thoughts. It takes one nasty lie to spread like wildfire and everyone to believe in it for great damage to be done, and it takes a disaster for people to see the error of their ways.

The ‘do what you want, be free, be safe’ mentality has been the cause of the downfall of many civilisations in the past, and I shudder to think of what would happen to our beloved Home Isles if they were to suffer the same fate!


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