UHSU Media Open Day thingymabobber

I came to the space outside the EleHouse and the Forum on prompt from Thom Palser's Facebook update the night before. It was about a UHSU Media gathering thing. And so at 11-ish I came with a faulty Flip camera (that thing has a white screen of death: you can't even see what you're recording! It's my fault though T_T), grabbed a quick hot meal at the Café Forum and stuck around for quite a while.

Camera fail. T_T As if it wasn't enough that I couldn't see what was being recorded, it just had to fall on me halfway through the sketching. But yes, I decided to help out with the Soapbox 'booth' sign. I wanted to make mine look at least somewhat presentable.

Because I knew that I needed to put this on Soapbox for all you lovely readers, I decided to make an introduction to the various things that make up UHSU Media....... albeit with shaky footage......

Long story short, you've got Soapbox, the blogging platform. You can blog about your experiences with the university and with the SU, what you've been up to, and sometimes, even what you'd like to see changed.

You've got two radio stations, Crush Radio (mainstream) and Crush Underground. On both, you're likely to hear interviews, what's hot around the university and the SU, and sometimes even get your music played. If an event is going on, it'd be aired live on Crush Radio.

You've got UnionTV, which is pretty self-explanatory. It's the SU's TV station, and often broadcasts things which are going on with the SU (sometimes live). In the post about the SU elections I linked to above, UnionTV did a live stream of the event in the EleHouse.

You've got Universe, which is the SU's weekly newsletter. Anyone can write articles, opinions and even poetry, prose and drama and submit them to Universe. Sometimes, you have featured blog posts from Soapbox bloggers in the newsletter, so if you do get to blog on Soapbox and you see your post in the newsletter... boy, that's something to be proud of!

And last but not least, you have a recent addition called UHSU Talent, which is explained by our VP Union Development.

Not commenting on the content of the vid.

So yeah. That sums up what went on on Tuesday.


Tomorrow is Freshers' Fair. Are you excited? I am! I'll be there. On Freshers' Fair, the various societies under the umbrella of the SU gather together at the Forum and make themselves known to you. The notion behind Freshers' Fair is that every person needs a certain sense of belonging, as well as an avenue to share interests and other things which he would love to share. Expect to see some writings on that soon.

Alright, that's it for now.


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