Album idea, Mario Paint collaboration and other stories

I did a bit of thinking before coming to the College Lane LRC today and this is what I've thought about: assembling existing tracks/writing new songs and compiling my very first album.

I bear in mind that the first album ever conceived is the OST for the National Service Journal, but that one isn't finished. The album that I'm thinking of at this point might be the first to ever be released.

The full songs I have which can be put in now are:

  1. Sur la terre des hommes libres 
  2. Cordelia's Song
  3. Down the Tyburn Trail
  4. Kasih
All these songs need serious remastering.

There is also my unfinished English song from 2006, which might be put in some time later. Probably not in this compilation, unless it's diverse enough. I'm also making a lyrical version of Récupération d'espoir (with English lyrics), and it's going to have a John Denver-ish feel, somewhat similar to Annie's Song. That one will go into to the compilation as track #5.

I've also thought of another song idea, and the idea stems from this line:

I am finally home

I want this song to reflect my thoughts about being in Britain. I don't know... I feel as if I was born and raised to live in exile, and then I come here... and many things about this place welcome me whilst my place of birth repelled me all the more, and truly, I feel I'm home.

So right now, this album idea has at least six songs to back it up. I'm thinking of twelve tracks in total... I guess that sounds like a reasonable number.

The second thing I'd like to talk about is the Mario Paint Composer community collaborations we did over the summer. They have finally been released!

Collaboration 6. In case you're wondering why this is Collab 6, the previous five collaborations have been done in previous years. This is the collaboration I took part in (catch my username [Troisnyx] in the MPC arranger box). This is also my favourite of the three, and the general favourite of the Mario Paint Hangout... mainly because this piece sounds like it was done entirely by one person, but it involved the minds of eight people.

Collaboration 7.

Collaboration 8. This is probably the most chaotic of the three.

I'm glad the collaborations worked out well, and I'm looking forward to more, especially in the occasion when I'm able to work together with everyone else on Mario Paint and create another (hopefully) stunning piece.

Music aside, term's begun. The schedule for Year 3 lectures has finally been released, and... well...... I'm not quite looking forward to Year 3 LLB. But I guess it's time to dive deep and do well. Three out of four modules this year (Intellectual Property, Company and Employment) are entirely based on coursework. Only Equity and Trust is largely exam-based. So I'm called to be consistent.

So that's it.


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