In times like these, you wonder.

Several times I mentioned to my friends that I am at the crossroads on which vocation to take.
Right now it turns out that I am at the very crossroads of life's actions.

I have come to a point where I wonder if I'm doing enough at all, to serve God and His people. And when I do serve, when I do the things I do best, the things I love, I have come to question myself as to why I do them, and I've been quite disturbed. I've been constantly asking myself whether I have been selfless in doing good unto others, or whether they were all solely to fulfill my own ends. In times like these I keep thinking if there's anymore that I could possibly do to shine the light of God unto my peers.

I do not know where God is taking me. But I have an impression that it's not a direction which I am thinking of, and it's not a direction which my family is thinking of.

I need to pray about this, Lord. I really do. You're the only one who can ever help me now.


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