On bodily mutilation and celebrating life

I will not cry over mutilated bodies of babies, even though I know the killings are horrifying and they have to stop. I have been acquainted with such abhorrence that I am blank-faced when it comes to pictures of aborted babies.

BUT: I will cry over the fact that someone shares, with so much joy and love, that every human person is special, even from the moment of conception. When someone expresses it in song, in art, or even in his line of work, that is when I cry.

This is the musician in me speaking, and I know for certain that there are people like me. Going ahead with graphic images of abortions is not the only way — it is effective, don't get me wrong, but we must be able to tackle our issue at hand from all fronts. The Beatific Vision of Heaven is that every soul desires what is good, and true, and beautiful. The celebration of life is good, and true and beautiful! People must not only see the horrors of the pro-choice side. They must see that, because it is the truth, but that is not all there is to the truth. The truth is that life itself is something to celebrate!

I was asked recently to go see, and I did go and see it. I did see the video at the homepage. Every second of it. I couldn't react. Then, I saw the Pro-Life Ballet. I did not cry on the first site viewing... but within just a few minutes of the Pro-Life Ballet, I wept.


I don't know how many people there are out there who think like I do, but there are. And I know there are people who can stare for hours on end at a beautiful painting or stained-glass window. I know Fr Robert Barron, the speaker in the Catholicism Project, stared at the North Rose Window of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris for twenty whole minutes each day. I know those who can listen to a beautiful piece of music on loop for several hours (I do that a lot!).

Having said thus, I have confidence that there are those who will be deeply moved by the fact that we can never judge what a person's life will be within the span of nine months (or less). Through music, through song, through dance, through art, through very good filmwork, I want to share the fact that every life is precious from the moment of conception. I'm sure Christo Tracey, my bandmate, would want to do the same.

This is my sharing with everyone for today, and I hope to God that this may touch many a hardened heart.


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