Epic Battle Fantasy I: The Summoning (Fan Art)


DeviantArt muro drawings, some filtering, and some failed attempts with hardlighting, softlighting, brushing and burning on Photoshop CS5.1 resulted in this. Here, I pictured Regice and Registeel as summons. What gave me the idea was seeing a beta Flash file in Matt Roszak's DA gallery, which had all the animations of the summons in the first Epic Battle Fantasy, including Registeel.

In case you're wondering, Epic Battle Fantasy is a game on DeviantArt, Newgrounds and Kongregate, which had a strong following ever since the game's first release. The game is based on a number of other games for other platforms, as well as other pop culture references. However, its strongest influence is that of the Final Fantasy series.

I did this drawing as part of a collaboration on Newgrounds to celebrate three years since the series' first release.

:bulletred: For all the blood, burns and rust I gave Registeel, I'm not giving him much love. But heck, he's not my favourite Pokemon, and neither is he my favourite summon in EBF, aesthetically speaking.
:bulletred: Natalie is much less whore-riffic. Unlike most people's depictions of her on Newgrounds' Art Portal. I made sure she was not scantily-clad!
:bulletred: Natalie, Regice and Registeel have aureolae on them because I drew them in their capacity as summons, not in their capacity as enemies. (And yes, I know Regice is pronounced "regi-ice", but I usually pronounce it as I pronounce "Hedge Mice".)

Not my best work, to be honest, but I thought I'd get this to Newgrounds' Art Portal in time for the Epic Battle Fantasy collaboration. And considering I haven't submitted anything in weeks, I thought I'd post this here. That having been said, I did learn quite a bit of colouring technique today with what I did.

Time taken: Approx. 2 days (minus frustration breaks, which lasted several days).

Natalie and Epic Battle Fantasy © Matt Roszak.
Regice and Registeel © Nintendo.

See the drawing on DeviantArt!
See the drawing on Newgrounds! 


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