Aaah, spaghetti! Aaaah, ravioli! Aaaah, mamma mia!

I've gotten into a spaghetti mood from watching quite a bit of Super Mario over the years, and especially Super Paper Mario. Particularly the beginning of this episode.

So far I've tried two recipes, but only one took me constant watching over. And to be honest, I quite like it! Students who share my taste in food will probably take to experimenting this. Granted, it's a very strange recipe. But I thought I'd share it, because of how tempting it can be to lick my lips after eating this.... (I'll admit to having licked my lips.)

The result of this recipe is a dry cheese, butter, garlic and herb sauce, where you can taste the ingredients, but it's also slightly spicy. However spicy you want it depends on the amount of black pepper.

Okay, ingredients:

  • Pasta bunch. The recipe works well with fettucine, smaller spiral variants or spaghetti — but for us students, spaghetti's the best bet because of how readily available it is.
  • Cheese. Preferably mozzarella, though I had nothing but mature cheddar, so I had to take a risk and use it.
  • Butter. No margarine or anything of the sort. I mean butter.
  • Garlic and herbs (parsley and chives). Now if we had the time to do it from scratch, we would get the ingredients separately, but if we don't, we rely on ready-made sauces. 
  • A hint of hot sauce. And by a hint, I mean just a few drops. If you've got hot sauce with chilli bits inside it, that works best.
  • A generous amount of black pepper (however generous is at your discretion).

How it's done:

  1. Cook the spaghetti first.
  2. Whatever weight of butter you're using, use about an equal amount of cheese. So 100g butter for 100g cheese, and so on. I made mine 200g, just about.
  3. Put those in a saucepan, and let it simmer at low heat. Make sure the cheese melts evenly.
  4. Add in garlic and herbs, and mix. Now, in my case, the butter was separate from the rest of the mix, but it still works taste-wise.
  5. Before putting the sauce on the pasta, add a generous amount of black pepper.
  6. Now pour the sauce on, and mix until the sauce covers all areas.
  7. Add just a few drops of hot sauce, and mix thoroughly.
  8. Ready to serve!

Well, here's my humble recipe. We're students, we're happy to share our experiments — provided they taste good!


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